Friday, June 13, 2008

Would i be the one

I'm sick of trying to decipher your every movement and every thought. You think I'm dumb? I'm not. In fact, I see right through you. I don't know why do I put myself in this situation for someone now I don't think really worth it. You want to die and so I have to come along. Was that what you want. What is so hurtful in life that you just can't get through it without hurting someone else. Being with you and caring for you is like placing a heavy weight on my bare shoulders. Its like having the burden of the sky on your shoulders. But despite the pain I have to go through without having only you as the least of my problems, I still care. I guess being too close might just be the problem. You think that I'm selfish and I care about myself only. You are wrong in every thinking way!!!! I've placed you too often infront of me that I have endangered myself. show me you are worth fighting for and stop letting me down. I can't put up with you anymore.

You look up high and watch the skies
The way clouds move with graceful lies
You can't keep hiding the hidden story
Much less is told till things go awry
You conceal the story inside your eyes
And try to run from the truth find
So speak aloud your peevish thought
And stop struggling from stupid wrought
Your unmoving hands and still hair
Cover your smile and face marred
The deepened wound slashed through the bone
To catch a glimpse of untold truths thrown
Stop hiding your thoughts
Stop trying to act
Its useless now that I've the fact
Chaos at class today.. people being crazy and all. Oh yea, decided to open my own "company" selling furballs. lol . Was screaming and laughing the whole day and yea, watching people spilling water on the floor dus to uncontrollable laughing. Yes, my yarn was pretty much wasted on the floor too. Justin was on one side teaching me how to solve a puzzle and on the other side, someone else is tryin to ask me something.. hahaha. I think I nearly busted my brains today..

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Anonymous said...

reply me in poem form k gwen? : )

whoa you talented girl,
before me your abilites unfurl.

you widen my eye,
when i see you at work.
alas you make me eat humble pie,
plus making me sit up with a jerk,
when you weave your silver phrases,
lighting me up with blazes.

impress me,
i wish to challenge thy,
lets play a little game,
for you and I are same;
we need certain leisures.
to get rid of boredom seizures.

your turn.