Saturday, June 14, 2008

And its your turn

So I see your little secrets
Of great poems and hidden smirks
To realize what you never were
A secret story in your eyes, here

Your words unfold right before me
And its meaning tumbles out at sea
Its beauty to match the creator's murmures
Unfurling out every twisted words

Little letters each uncurl with a purpose to serve
To find its treasure you must first find its worth
Be dazzled by my unhidden tale
Made up of words and a pen with pigment pale

Such deepened talent was yet to find
Another one's work of what it masks behind

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i've much to learn.
your prowess i yearn.

thy dark swirling ink from the pen,
slowly flowing and curving, forming picturized sceneries,
creating some feeling;
and right on cue,
as if it knew,
the feeling increases;
torrents of tears,
come gushing out,
out of my crystals.

yes i might be exaggerating,
but you cant be denying,
such defined artwork,
such blue words that murk my sheet,
with tears so discreet.