Friday, April 30, 2010

a movie script ending

Another much less tiring day.
Am still working hard on my masterplan. It seems harder than I thought it would.
I was never more determined to bring someone down.
But I am doing it for good. :)

I will isolate her. And ruin her.
And take away everything companion she has.
My plan has GOT TO WORK.
Okay, I'm not THAT cruel. But I really really hate her.

Anyways, had front desk lessons today.
The lecturer seem really really nice.
Not liking the taking out shoes part, and also the assignments part.

Housekeeping classroom

The housekeeping suite was half classroom half hotel room.
It was so damn freaking cool!
On half was the queen size bed and the opposite of it was two single size bed.
And a sofa and table in the middle.
Then the other half is the classroom with chairs and projector.
Behind the chairs is a glass toilet with shampoo and all.
Me pretty butterfly ring.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I think I had a taste of perfection

Hello people. I'm here again. Waiting for another seven hours until class starts. So this is going to be a loooooong post. NO complains right.

Am torn between two events happening this saturday. Reunion with old friends at Sunway, or girly talk sessions with Juat Lee. I miss her so so much ! But I have promised Juat I'll be there first and besides, I don't have any transport to sunway anyway. :(

Soooooo, my first driving lesson begins this Sunday for three long hours. Mum was aghast, she said "nobody drives for three hours unless they go melaka and go round melaka and drive back again"
I don't really look forward to learning how to drive with a stranger next to me. ALONE. Its scary. I wonder how you other people can cope. I want Ming to learn with me.

Anyways, hold up. My ramblings haven't stop yet. College is literally killing me. I haven't found someone I can really talk to, and my groupmates are quiet as hell. I think they are more to the kind that sticks to themselves in their own small group. I'm lonely like mad, and it feel like a really long time since the last that I have been so so happy.

I yearn for someone to laugh with really loudly, and to be comfortable with. Everything is so awkward and I really am not sure what to do. Luck is not on my side this time. I miss my Hartamas friends more and more.

I hate her I absolutely hate her eventhough she has doe nothing wrong to me. She just gets on my every last nerve and I'm just not happy with that. Life is truly not fair. I have been praying so hard, and yet ill fate still befalls me. She thinks she's so funny with her damn sarcastic comments, and she thinks she knows every answer to every question. SHUT UP. I feel like screaming to her. and GET OUT. Be sure she takes her GUY FRIEND with her too. The annoying duo. URGH.

For two years I'm going to be stuck with her. And for two years I'm going to be with them. So might as well make it worth the time. Two years can be very very long. Honestly, I hope things will get better soon. Cause, I miss laughing with my friends and go insane.

I'm a really funny person and I absolutely love to laugh.
I think thats the best hobby in the world.
I'm heart ached because I miss everyone back in school and my old college.
But would I rick my future just so I could laugh everyday?

Its a really long post. Writing just keeps me going on and on.
So happy reading people and bore yourself to death with my stories.

Till then, taa.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

our shadows searching in the light

my maid knitted it for me

ooooh. :)
I feel real smart in it.
Apparently I'm not all THAT fat okay people.
I have been assigned to wear XS size n it fits nicely.
So stop saying I'm fat. :)

Was super tired yesterday and today.
Took my typhoid jab thingi today with Suhaila.
The whole hall was empty except for some nurses and a few supervisors from student central.
Was laughing like a mad woman because we didn't bring money for the jab.

And after we took the jab, we were laughing again.
The nurse were smiling after us cause we look so damn crazy. :)

Anyways, hang around until we are called to the hall for uniform collection.
Don't you just LOVE uniforms? <3

Took uniforms went to centrepoint for baskin robbins.
(its pink day, apparently I didnt know that)

Ate, went home and slept.
and tomorrow will be another day all over again. Till then.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello Love

Watched clash of the titans with mum and sis yesterday.
Thought the effects were really cool. :)
The whole movie was moving all at once, and there are parts that gave me goosebumps.
Its a good sign tho. :) Haha.
Shopped at Tesco for a while and went to Santai to eat.

Do you see Christmas lights? :)

Anyway, I'm bored and every minute that goes by becomes a strain.
I actually have to wait Seven hours just to attend a one and a half hour class.
There goes my whole morning.

Will be working really hard for my driving so I can drive soon.
Waiting for hours can really kill, you know?
I'm in a foreign place with foreign people. (not people from other country )
And I am alone with no one to talk to.
Its a sad life really.

And now I'm rambling nonsensical stuff because I'm finding excuses to type away.
Its makes me look like as though I'm typing a report.
Professional you know. :)

Anyways, I'll just wait for Suhaila to show up so I can have lunch with her and not be lonely anymore.

Till then.

Would anyone recommend me a nice movie to watch on youtube?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

F*ck my life

I'm angry. No, wait. I'm absolutely livid right now.
I know Sunway is effing far and I have troubles trying to fit transport into my time.
But you cannot fucking blame me for all the irregular schedules.
Its not like I want it that way.
Its not like I purposely am trying to bring more troubles to you.
You're not the one to have to wait in college for a fucking seven hours just to attend a one and a half hour class.
Its me.
So fucking keep your mouth shut.

Thank you.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions

Hello Hello
Finally got my schedule after a nerve wrecking long wait.
It felt like waiting for SPM results, just to know what group I'm being place in.

Had a crazy day with Suhaila and Claire. :)
Walked round the whole campus like a bunch of crazy high school leavers.
I could actually take a whiff of my future.
And I am happy.
I really do feel like I belong in where I am now.

Anyway, schedules are all different each week.
Am gonna have a big problem with transport soon.
At least I have day offs. :D

Attended the same survival talk again like the one in Hartamas.
I actually went to smell the pepper spray this time.
My nose hurt like shit and my eyes watered like mad.
Eesh. It still stings. I was coughing all the way out. HAHA

So thats about it. My class starts on monday.
See ya toots.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

why are you still searching, as if I'm not enough

Had a very long day today.
I'm so exhauster to the point that I do not want to blog today. :)
But nevertheless to NOT FAIL my non-existing readers,
I will still blog despite my failing arms.

Had more lectures at college today about college life. blah blah blah.
Seems real exciting but I know the excitement will eventually fade.

Timetable and grouping will be done tomorrow.
Hope I can get into first or second class. :)

Anyway, my phone DIED on me today.
And taylor's just so happen to not have PAYPHONES and CLOCKS.
( not everyone can afford a phone and a watch okay! )
Was lost for two hours and a half.

Panicked the whole time because I was afraid they couldn't find me.
I actually thought they went home without me.

Hunted around the whole college and was desperate enough to borrow the office phone.
Luckily, I remembered Wenyi's number.
Today was a seriously long day.
Ran out of places to hide and eventually found a corner at the student admission office.
Was disturbed by a bunch of lala students earlier and ran out.

I know now how being homeless felt like.
Will promise to help the homeless more in the future. :D

Until then, pictures will be up tomorrow.
Phone has officially died.
Stay tuned readers. :)

owh, and I absolutely love tenth avenue north. *big smiless*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

if the truth means nothing to you, what am I suppose to do

Hello. :)
After I came back from college today, I literally dropped dead in my bed.
Well, after I had my McDs. haha

Anyway, today was an insanely looooong day.
There were a few awkward moments at first.
I'm not really good at making friends.
But at least I know some people now, but their all from culinary arts.
Don't know anyone from hospitality, yet.

Sat for the english placement test.
The listening part was hard.
When you are filling in the answers, they start speaking the answers to another question.
Was lost all too many times.
And the campus was HUGE. And I meant that literally.
Had trouble finding my way around the place.

The library itself has four floors. Haha.
Yes, I am totally overwhelmed by the size of the campus.

We got to taking out ID pictures and measuring our uniforms.
I like them mandarin shirts. :)
The shoes are just too horrible to describe.
We have vests, kitchen jackets, mandarin shirts, restaurant pants, and kitchen pants.
That is a whole lot of uniform.

Another day tomorrow people.
I'll be super exhausted by the end of the week.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Take what you need while there's time, the city will be earth in a short while

am off to college tomorrow people. wish me luck ! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Touch these tires eyes of mine

Went to a chinese hospital today.
the whole place was smelling like a chinese medical hall.
and I don't really like the smell of dried herbs and sad people.

anyway, doctor ran a quick check on me.
he even noticed my eyebags!
(Must slap on makeup next time.)
check check check

no fried food, no humidity, no hot and cold water, no.....
I think I were better off without this condition.
It makes my life so complicated.

ended up home with LOTS of chinese herbal medicine.
and I saw dried up dead bugs inside the medicine packets.
I'm suppose to drink two bowls everyday
I'm gonna puke.

for all those mistakes that i've made
for all those chances i did not take

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don't let me fall asleep, feeling empty again

I'd still wouldn't get over it.
It can be so sickening at times.
But letting go was as impossible as encasing a cloud.

I know I'd never quite understand,
why I write this over and over again.
Why I'd allow the pain to wash over me so many times.
Maybe it's because I just want to remember,
that everything before this was real.

I don't think you'll ever quite understand about how I feel.
But you should,
cause then you won't take me for granted.

I was screaming your name in the middle of a big town, but you wouldn't hear me

when people blog about you,
it just gives you that really nice and warm feeling.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Never regret anything, because at one time, it was what we wanted

Life could be but a brief moment, or a small wave of a whisper.
It is only a minute, or an hour, or a day unpassing to the next moment.
It is but a timeline that waits, till our breaths run short and our body expires.

I've been thinking about the words that she said, about what we try to do to let it go. How we cope with the unending misery that separates us entirely from what we used to be. The way we let ourselves wonder from the straight path, and become lost in another world entirely.

Time could be so brief.

And pain could make that brief moment seem so long.

It still hurts so bad.
I'm afraid that I could never let go.
You were still on my mind every second of the day.
Please, please, leave.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The worst memories always stick with us, and the nice ones always slip away

Went to Sunway AGAIN for ice-skating with Yinky.
Left in car with Yinky, Tak Kwin and Fook Weng.

Had the usual bicker over Yinky's driving. It never gets old.

Finally reached there and ice-skated. :)
Hao Min and Gwyneth came along too.
And so did Yinky's other friends.

Skate boots didn't felt as painful as before. Secret?
Wear two sizes larger. :)
Was too lazy to squeeze my leg into the boot.

Ice rink was not crowded as usual. A few people swishing here and there.
I could actually brake. well, not on time.
But it was good enough.

Random jokes by the DJ:
what is the smartest bus? School bus.
Why? because it's the only bus that went to school. -_-"

what is the world's biggest burger? Burger King. -_-"""

Went to Kayu to yumcha before getting home. The freaking horlicks cost me RM2.20 !
You guys can seriously do some daytime robbery. Its not like the place is SUPER fancy also.
Eesh ! i got conned by mamak people.

after that:
Getting squished in the car with three other people, and a driver who brakes and release and brakes and release, thus resulting in jerking the car to the beat of the roaring music: not good

Got home round 6 and went to 1u for dinner. Had bbq chicken. AGAIN. (I like traditions) :)
Legs were starting to kill me. ouchhh !

Saw Chee Foong walking alone in 1u. Hahaa.

And so here I am rambling to myself and thinking about today. :D
College is starting next week people. can't wait!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It always felt like we were dreaming until we woke up

This is what happens to us if we don't save the environment.
We'd be malnourished and black.
We'd have no fingers or toes or any body shape.
And we'd have no nose. :)

Save the environment people.
Become a tree hugger today.

*sings* do you believe in magic~

Another card I made for her. :)
I hope she likes it.

meet Mr. Nerdie hiding in the corner.

Yes I am being absolutely random.
This is what happens when you don't attend college for more than one month.


bye. :)

I wrote my name down on your heart

Hello!!! Gwen is off to ice-skating one last time before college starts.
I am a big fan of the sport now. :)

Can't wait.

See you toots there tomorrow!

Went out with dad this morning for breakfast and I saw a young couple with a baby.
The father looks like he's still studying in college. So does the mum too.
It just made me think about my own future. My own family.
Haha, I know that sound silly, but have you ever thought of it?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I found heaven on earth, you were my last and my first

Mumma ordered something nice for Mima's birthday on Friday.
She did another wonderful job again. :)
I am her totally loyal customer.

click click :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

until all my sleeves are stained red from all the truth that I've said

How do you like the new layout?
Have put much effort into it.

I'm not sure why do I do it.

I think its because I have these thoughts that I want to share with the world.

I update everday. :)

night lifted up the shades to let in the brilliant light of the morning

After hours I finally did it !
Fine, fine. It wasn't hours but minutes that felt like hours.
They look pretty, no?

I don't understand why would people go through so much trouble to put on these.
Its so troublesome and the film gets in the way.
It feels like there's something in your eye, that you couldn't take off.

Haha. Beauty always come first right.
Before comfort.
It has always been this way since the beginning of time.

The woman's job was to please the eyes of man.

That will change one day.
Or it already has.

Monday, April 12, 2010

it set me on fire and watched as I floundered unable to speak

Smokes salmon, zucchini, baked potato pancake and salad. :)
Sauteed peaches and cinnamon with crepe. :)

Went for sort-of-reunion with the usual people.
Shopped about with Karen while the rest are eating at chilis.
Watched Date Night. Was crazy funny. Who wouldn't love steve carell.

Woke up late again this morning without a drive as usual. Without a motive or goal to accomplish.
Its a horrible life really. And I can't wait to start college again to relieve me of these empty days.

Watched Becoming Jane based on the author's life Jane Austen. It almost got me to tears. She fell in love and due to hard circumstances that just wouldn't go her way, she was left unmarried her whole life. But she accomplished her dream of becoming a great novelist despite how society had treated her because women should never read or write.
I'm touched, honestly.
It was a beautiful story. :)

Anyways, one more week left to emptiness and I'll be starting college soon.
I really really can't wait.

Meet my new baby. :)
well, only for the moment.