Wednesday, June 29, 2011

manquerez beaucoup

Another small update before I go off to start my house chores.
Yes, don't be surprised that I have to do house chores. It's a daily routine now.

Anyways, I am still bummed out about what recipe should I go for during finals.
I need some kind of inspiration, some kind of idea to get me going.
Imagining a drink on a champagne saucer, delicious with each sip, and mysterious in its flavour.
That, would definately be the perfect drink.

Sending Brendon off tonight.
il va à la France ce soir 
manquerez beaucoup

Still so very tired from all these hoo-ha's or whatchemer call it.
Stomach is growling now.
Shall retire. Toodles !

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Malacca and chicken rice balls

Yes people, I have just returned from Malacca. 
With a darker shade of skin and a pot belly.
I swear I have never eaten so much so often in my life. 
This was crazy.
It was an eating frenzy. GAHH !!!

Am tired and lazy now. 
Training is commencing soon and my good friend and buddy is leaving for france. 
Deadlines are up and I am scared now. 
Will I still be able to believe in myself without them now?

Anyways, some pictures are larger than the rest.
There is an obvious reason to that.
I want you to look at it and drool.  
and drool
and drooooool
and drooooooooool somemore.

A total of 200 over sticks. 
These people are mad mad mad. 

Jonker streeet and ice lollies !

extra extra.

Cendol at Jonker 88.
Was really really gooood. 

Dodol mountains.

Preparation for barbeque night.

Chicken rice balls. 
Yum yum. Ate those twice in two days.
At different stalls. 

Had good talk with this guy who actually does research on the history of Malacca
And he's an artist too. 
Amazing !

Malacca trees. 

600 year old tree in Malacca.

Map of Fort A Famosa

till then !