Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cause you're my everything

Gwen is still currently obsessed with BOF. Its already the second last episode. NO!!!
Gwen is currently obsessed with making coloured clay bows. :)
Don't know what that is. See pictures below.

Anyway, I am still stressing over writing stupid SPM permission letters.
And the banner competition is next WEDNESDAY!!!
Its four friggin hours. I'd probably slip into zombie mode while painting the thing.
And and... I don't know what to do for the family day booth. ARGH!
Somebody please help me.
I am considering the thought of having fortune-telling.
Maybe it will work.
Love life, thats what the majority of girl students will probably would die to find out.
The Green Mango presents: *drum rolls*
Madame Tshilaba and Madame Lyubitshka *says it with an air of mystery*
( seeker of knowledge) ( reader of love )
I swear I did not made those names up. :)
Anyhow, will be very very busy this week finishing the family day booth stuff and yes, sivic project.... Then there's that banner competition and poster competition coming soon.
I feel like a massive headache coming up.

And this is dedicated to the one and only Gay Kay Why ( yong kar yee).
Who is the gayest of them all. :)
Who has finally turned seventeen this year.
Have a great birthday this year. Not that SPM is so much of a great year anyway.

Friday, March 27, 2009

An unforgettable fragment of memory

Hello World. Gwen is back from her totally awesome, exhausting, great sports day.
Since 5 in the morning, I finally got to take a bath at 9 o'clock just now.
Running water is good to calm the tensed sinew you know.
Anyway, yes there is much to blog about today.
And I'm sorry for the previous post. A little too much?
Will take it off soon.
Remember to stop the music and scroll down to the very end of this post when you're done. :)

Firstly, yellow house did not win for pom-pom.
Yes, I am very VERY disappointed.
I actually was hoping that we could win this year again.
Blue house won. As in blue house.
The house that was never close to touching 2nd place beat yellow and green house at cheer.
Can you actually believe it???
It was surprising and yea, we talked alot about it.
We also thought Nicola's really cool formasi willl sapu this year because of the music.
They got 3rd.
Not even second. What is the world becoming.
Blind or something??? Or they absolutely have no sense in judging at all.
I want demand a recount.
But congratulations to blue house anyway.
They really blew us away.

Padang was really muddy. And cheer was kinda hard because of the muddy ground.
Stunts all became extra dangerous, and LaiYee and Ashley couldn't do they astounding front walk or walkover or whatever you wish to call it.
Juliet slipped on her way up to baski but thank goodness she went up.
You could actually see mud flying from their shoe when they did the flip flip thingi.
And yes, when ashley did her toe touch baski. Mud mud mud. and h2o. :)
Stupid mud and its wet wet grass and dirty dirty things inside.
Poor marching people. Especially green house. I really envy their courage.
Friends with mud now I guess.
I wanna see the video people!!!!!

Everything else was okay
Except for the flag which was dripping wet with mud.
And Sue Ann had some conflict with the flag so it wasn't as impressing as I pictured in my head.
All those practices, gone within 3 minutes.
Sports day is over.
Like they said, this soon shall pass.
Everything has to come and go I guess.
I'm gonna really miss sports day. I wonder do they still have sports day in college??

During add maths class, me, Wen and Meng Pei.
We were quickly copying down the questions, did the self test at lightning speed,
then we all put our heads down to sleep.
Yes it was funny though you aren't laughing.
I guess you can all this as some kind of inside joke.
Went 1u with Juat and had a really good talk. Its been a really long time since I've talked about my past.
Anway, Juliet came late today cuz she couldn't wake up.
But she had a perfectly good excuse. She slept at 3 yesterday.
We were shocked.
:"Juliet!!!! You should be getting your sleep!!! What were you doing???"
Then she took out these hankerchiefs for us. Hahaa.
All 11 of us. With sewn on names. :)
Yes, we were at awe. It was sweet.

For now, I'll just let pictures do the talking. :)

From right to left, 2007, 2008, 2009.
The one at the top with the blue ribbon was Blitzerz.

Charis from red house.

Su Jane and me. Hahaa

Yes, we failed at the attempt to be a bimbo

Andrea looks cute

The inseparable duos.


And Layyen :)

Yes, and Hannah.

My family. Well sort of.

I'm going to miss every one of you guys.

Amanda, Rittie, me and Sue Ann
The yellows, the green and the blue lion tamer.

Blue yellow green (er.. eunice??) red


Blue house show girl. hahaa

the cheerleader and the lion tamer.

Juat Lee. HAHAHA

- The end -

Isnt this insanely cool??
Done by Edmund Liew :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Everything is f*cked up

I'm fucking pissed. Yes thats one way to put things now.
There are so many rude words running in my head and currently, I can't decide which issue to say first.
You think that I do not have a life??
And that I'm some fucking puppet to you.
Maybe if you just go get a dumb puppet to work for you. You'd get less grey hairs.
Does it hurt to laugh a little? Or you just fucking hate the way I laugh.
What about you bitch.
So, its kinda okay if other people laughs and never do things properly.
Is that it?
Then whats your fucking problem.
Is it a mission for you or some sort to terrorise my fucking already miserable life?
Or maybe you just wanna make things hard for me.
You ask me to solve my problem?
What about HER. Its not HER fault that she strays away with that fucking boyfriend of hers?
But its mine because I have to go .
Because I have a life besides practicing cheer.
Or maybe you'd prefer me to quit because I smile too much.
I wonder what will you fucking do if I quit.
See if you can find someone better than me. If you're so fucking unsatisfied.
You're a fucked up bitch. Do you know that?
Why do everyone have to suffer your friggin bloody mood swings.
You think its so awesome that you have everyone in your command.
And its totally okay to bitch about me.
Because its your nature to do so.
And I know you will.

I am so tired. Trying to please you.
I know how it felt like when people were mean to me, so as I grow, I try to make people happy.
But unfortunately, people like you, misused my intention.
You fucking treat my like some bloody ass of a dog.
Do I look like a dog to you?
I'm nice. And so you had to use that fact.
Use me like I'm your full time servant.
Like I don't have a life but to serve yours only.
Bitch. I wanna spit in your fucking face and bloody tell you to go get a life.
Cause it seems that you don't have one.

I am so tired trying to cope with everything at hand.
The broken heart and the uncontrollable anger.
And guess what, everybody loves you. So I could not say anything.
You think I've got no balls to stand up to you.
I'm tired damn it. I don't have the strength to go against you.
There is so much going on in my mind, and because you are so insignificant...
Why would I bother.
You are not a problem to solve. But a annoying mosquito that wouldn't go away.
I wish... so badly that I could just close my eyes.
And see things my way.
Perfection. My perfection.
Because all this, all this shit is taking a hell lot out of me.
And this idiot, I could not give up on, has already strained most of me.
I'm hurt, but nobody cares. Because who would listen to tiny little me anyway.
The girl who would just let anyone push her around.
Amanda was right.
I should stop. I should have stop from the very beginning, because not everybody applied.
Because they AREN't worth helping for.
They are not people, but shiny dolls without a heart.
You're perfect so what. Does it matters to me.
So what. You posses all the finer qualities in the world.
So what. You could have everything you ever wanted.
So what. You could just moan and cry and everybody comes rushing to you.
When they do not know how much pain I have to endure.
The emptiness.
Stop telling me to chill.
Try chilling when the whole world's weight is on your shoulders.
When your family is in crisis,
When your future is in jeopardy,
When everybody wants something from you,
When your yearning could not be delivered.
What can you still say to that?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Come help me find simplicity

Because I'm lost, aching inside trying to seize that craving, that unbearable yearning.
If only I could see what images you portray within your mind,
Maybe this lost soul will finally find its way.
I'd bleed, trying to unravel the complexities of my past,
then just walk away, closing these fraying seams.
Because I know this secret that imbowers upon me,
will never let me go.
And time that has become miles upon deserted land,
will not cover the footprints I've left behind.

Raptai was canceled today due to light showers of rain.
And according to weather forecast, it will be raining on sports day.
Don't know whether to believe it or not.
But it said it will rain tomorrow too.
Lets see whether that forecast will come true.

I cast my withered and mangled heart away
So I could still try to survive the next day.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grey clouds they infiltrate as every move you make gets me to clarity

I heard the old man say we need the rain
And I can feel it in my bones they're aching
I watched the sky and wait and wish these waters ease my pain
Because my will is breaking

If you get next to me and help me find simplicity
Then you could be the one to take me,
To break me and find my soul

Could you be the one to release me?
Waiting for your love
Oh to free me, so release me

Grey clouds, they infiltrate as every move you make
Gets me closer to clarity
While droplet drummers lead a complex beat increasing speed
Somehow accompanies our intensities

At first this cloud burst is pulling us under
Lightning and thunder, rain falls and you take me under
And find my self

Could you be the one to release me?
Waiting for your love
Oh to free me, so release me

So take off your shoes and stay awhile
This might be the right time tonight
If it makes you feel good
Then it makes me feel alright

We should take down the curtains now
And make blankets here on the floor
The torrential downpour, the potential for more
I seize to fight this tension that ignites us in the dark
Cause tension causes friction and this friction leads to sparks

The rain has filled this cup and, before it over flows,
I wanna take you in now here it goes

Could you be the one to release me?
Waiting for your love
Oh to free me, so release me

Could you be the one to release me?
We have just begun
You release me, oh release me

Had a day out with the usual peeps and an unusually quiet young man. :)
Watched Race to Witch Mountain.
Its was not bad.
Quite funny actually.

Sara Seth
"I'm not your guy for this kind of thing"
"A wise man once said you are who you choose to be"
"Then go find that guy. He's your man"
"It was the Buddha. And he is unavailable."
"....... "

Yes it was THAT funny.
And there was this scene about he having a conversation with a DOG.
Junkyard. Hahaa.
Worth watching.

Sports day is coming soon!!!

I'd rather bleed than to erase this complex past of mine.
Though I still long for you.
Its a forbidden craving I still keep.
And I'm sorry
Because I could not muster up this courage to go on

Saturday, March 21, 2009

the greatest story ever told

Yesterday's mini concert was not bad.
James could really seriously put the pussycat doll's dancing to shame.
Hahaa. If you've been there.
I've never seen a guy stripper before.
Then, there was that really cool shuffling dance by some african american.
His dancing shuffling thing was really cool.
The guy Benedict could sing. He was okay.
And Alexis could sing too.
But the couple who sang the chinese song was okay.
Owh, I think my favourite was the chinese yoyo performance.
He could do it with one hand only.
How awesome is that???
Then he juggled three yoyos at once.
And the best, was when the lights were turned off and the yoyo had blinking lights on it.
So you could see the light thingi swinging left to right up to down at high speed.
He could do yoyo in the dark.
Hahaa.. That was entertaining. And thats talent.
Wait, I remember this drum guy who played the drum with his elbow. It was okay.
But not much of a performance. :)

Left a little earlier so I pretty much missed who became the winner.
We went to back to Aini's place and walk to the park.
Looking for someone.
But a bunch of form 3s were there.
Playing moonlight football.
Yes, half naked.
Kids nowadays.
And that sums up my night.

Sometimes I wondered if there was any chance at all.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Infiltration through the ruby

Gwen is going off to the help college thingi tonight.
I desperately need a time out with friends after all this.
I have finally completed my project.
Have you??
I have. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This wound here would never heal

Hello people.
Woke up really early today cause relatives from china are visiting. And mum wants to take them to KL. Yeap, I know its been a while since I've been there. Decided to tag along.
Those relatives of mine, or not exactly mine. Their like my grandma's family sort of thing.
You've guessed it. Their all old people.
Maybe you'll think they'd probably bore me out of my skull.
But I'm quite content with walking on my own. :)
Didn't take much pictures from the top cause the view is all the same.
But its still breathtaking isn't it?

There used to be a really LONG fountain all the way to the tower.
But guess what.. People are greedy.
And they tore it down and built a really tacky winter land thingi.
Its really stupid. I mean seriously.
It does not look even close to a winter land.
People and their money filled minds.

Went to the mini zoo.
Actually it should be called reptile zoo.
There are lots of reptiles in there.
And maybe a bird or two.
And some monkeys.
And a nearly insane racoon.
And to be exact, four rabbit like guinea pig.
And my favourite, the mute parrot. :)

Oh, I saw Datuk Azalina too.

If you don't know who that is, its the menteri sukan belia.

Polly wants a cracker??

Arabian self dancing snake.

I think their some sort of alligator turtle.

A gecko!!

Can you spot the green snake?

The racoon who wouldn't stand still.
It feels like pocahontas all over again.

Frog pancake anyone?

Yes, its bigger then my arm. About the size of my fists.

The diameter of this snake is about the size of my head.
And no I'm not exxagerating.