Saturday, February 28, 2009

Love me
Anyone interested in going?
I heard one red paperclip will be performing there. :)

Lets see..
Either than the fact I'm still going to brag about my seemingly long dreary life, I am not going to whine about it today. *gives a smug smile*
I'm still reading twilight for the fifth time.
It seems that I just can't put it down until I memorise every word on every page.
The story is just so beautiful, so surreal, so captivating.
And I love every single part of it.
Too bad life isn't a fairytale or a dream.
And nothing is going to just pop out of a page of a book.
What am I trying to say?
Hmm.... We should pretty much learn the fact that we make the fairytale.

Sometimes, don't we wish everything would just be different for us?
Or maybe that we would get suck into this world of illusions.
And we'd never have to go through all those pain?
Perhaps so...

"besides, friends don't let friends drive drunk"
"you were obviously intoxicated by my presence"
"i guess i can't deny to that"
or more or less.

Still so irrevocably in love with you. :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Time was never mine to began with

Sister's random idea.

You don't want to know what this cat was doing.

Hello, it's been a loooooong week. I know. Hahaa
My add maths and malay are screwed. Not to mention moral too.
Screw you, xxxx!! No names please. You already know who I meant.
Haih, at least now that exams are out of the way.
I have another list of undone things.

Stupid moral project.
Stupid SPCA. Ignorant non-government society. They still refuse to reply me.

And then theres prom to think about. Seriously people, can anyone help me at all???
Stress, stress, stress.
I've set up a blog. Its
Please go look it up and give me your opinion.

It shouldn't be hard for you people to just move your sissy little fingers right.
Life sucks.
For now I guess.

Time should be up
Cause I tried to stay but I can't
How long will these walls hold up
Before it crumbles all again

I see your brown eyes
that sparkled within the light
who would've know this longing
has yet to take flight

how much longer can this be dragged
when we all know this will never end

Sometimes I wonder was it all just a game to you
to lose myself for one thing I will never know its worth
maybe it was my fault
to let myself believe
to let myself be consume by all this nonsense
I'm tired
but how could I just lay down
knowing you will just somehow find your way into my head
no matter what
and though I keep myself occupied
these little thoughts of you
will just come lurking out
I guess
I just haven't learn to let go
eventhough I know
time is coming to an abrupt end
maybe I will learn how to survive this
just maybe

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reality or dreams, your choice

Lala doodoo.
Exams are next week.
Haih, my first form five exam. Memorable, won't it be?
I'm loaded with tons of things to do, like the art project which I should have started last two weeks.
I'm already two weeks late with my painting.
I haven't started my moral project yet. Though that would be negotiable cause the teacher lost my project.
SPCA does not want to reply to our letter. And we cannot start out sivic project.
Puan Tang officially hates me now.
I am so so tired.
Emphasized on the double so.
My stupid windows live messenger is not working like it should be.
I wan to watch KIZU right now.
AND, I can't to solve these problems of mine that has gradually become a burden to my soul.
Can't someone take it all away?

I'm still in love with the fact that I know somehow, reality will become better than dreams.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love me

Its valentines day/gotong-royong day
not that we did much work either.

What we people do on Valentines day. :)

Its not the things that we did, but the things that we did not do that mattered most.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Won't you just dream of me, because I dream of you

A little announcement here.
There'll be a meeting for all form fives regarding Prom 09.
Those who wants to attend please be at 5 Anggerik after school on Tuesday.
This meeting will be regarding the prom theme for this year and the date.
Please be there. :)
If you do want a bombastic, exclusive, unforgettable prom to happen.

Happy Valentines day.

Missing you can be a really hard thing to do.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A new day, a different world

People, be enthusiastic bout sukan tara.
Students and their spirits nowadays. Something to sigh about.
Anyway, my whole body is aching and sore.
Cheer can be a little overrated for me.
But nonetheless, its still as awesome as ever.
Must think of merchandising, good luck to the marching people.
And rocking horses in red is cute. Not fair.
Hmm... does not work very well does it.
Will try something else. SOON.
Meanwhile, yellow house people. Keep your spirits up.
Theres more than meets the eye.
We shizzle. :)

To watch this day that goes by, like any other day, just can't seem to make things easier.
To wonder with this burning curiosity is aching.
To be able to hold on for so long is a courage gone through.
So what more is there still left to do?

How much complication is there still undone, unfinished?
Leaving this wide open space in between, filling it dully with sorrowful tears and empty hearts.
To watch them discreetly, behind shadows...
To listen to their soft voices, whispering amongst themselves...
Was enough to inflict pain without a blade.

Had it been easy so far?
Just to walk through this journey, but never reaching the end?
Because just having to walk through endless miles was enough to tear one's soul down.
After all, how much more could still be taken?
Before grief reigns
And the still air of the night is filled with soft prayers, whispered gently with the wind that blew.

So its hard to gone on and listen about things you don't wanna hear.
So its hard trying to fight for what you really want.
So its hard to just tell yourself everything is okay when you know they are not.
But sometimes I wonder, when... will all this end.

Though more and more this silence reign
This tying bond has finally lain

Was life worth more than just loving you

Thursday, February 12, 2009

And the moon shines in all of its glory

I am puffed with school, work and of course cheer.
Here I am WAY beyond my bedtime, doing HER homework.
Yes and of all people.
Then there goes my moral project, and my art project.
I wish I could just scream really loud and let all this just float away.
So much for peer pressure huh.
I am beaten down by homework and the never ending tuitions I seem to get myself into.
Exams are near.
Scream people scream.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I found Home

Wishing everyone one last Happy Chinese New Year.
Its Chap Goh Mei today. Can you believe it???
Chinese new year is over and I've got to get back on my studies.
Exams are coming soon. Toodles!

I wish everything would just start over again.
Maybe it was hope that made time seem a little longer.
But in the end, it still goes on. Eventually.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A little too different

Banana Taofu
peppermint and honeydew. :)

Chocolate Cheese

Mum went out for some new year dinner thing. So the rest of us went to Big Ice after dinner for some sinful shaved ice cream. Had fries to go with it too. Hahaa.
Anyway, Mum didn't allow me to go to Sunway with Meng Pei and gang. Being the usual unreasonable woman that she is. Does she think that I have no social life. ergh!
So I'm stuck here, going to watch finish my movie soon. :)
Oh, Ming. This is the biggest picture I could find. Although the one in my com is much bigger.
You could always blame blogger.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hear the echo of silence reign
Voices ring only by the sane
These dreams of dread could not be named
But these doubts still stay the same

Awakened by this burning taste
Quickly must we all make haste
Flaming lies that burns in hue
These blood sworn oaths were never new

Hide away by the ocean's bay
Its mysterious waters quietly say
As I will be let it stay
By light and earth this secret shall lay

Gwen is on her way to watch Benjamin Button.. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Masquerade? The face of the night

Well, the chinese new year hols have ended before you even knew it.
And now, its sports day to look forward to and the march hols. :)
Exams are coming so soon already.
Where has the time gone.
Anyway, Sunday night. Party. Or should I say, gathering?
It was quite a disaster. Really!
We couldn't find a venue so ended up using Tze Wei's house.
But she had to visit her grandma first. So I ended up worrying my nerves away for an hour and finally made my mind to wait at Khei's house to ease my nerves.
Turned out many people could not come because of the family dinner thing.. yada yada.
If I said it was one of Miss Beh's class at a different place, everybody will probably come rushing.
I guess thats how it is.
I was quite disappointed because things didn't turn out the way I thought it would.
For starters, people couldn't come.
Then, we didn't have much time to do anything.
So we ended up eating and playing two of the games that I have planned.

Haha, After the charades which was damn funny, we played some passing game.
They didn;t want to eat the disgusting stuff and ended up throwing the stuff at each other.
Ohh, Jie Eu looked really funny when she had to eat the
marshmellow/rojak/milo/wintermelon juice/black sauce/pepper
Kenzo won most of the prizes.
Lucky day for him I guess.
But, had to eat an extra big marshmellow.
He actually said it was okay.
Note: put in lots of wasabi and chilli sauce
Me and WenQi's mask.

Me and Khei Qi
a friend you never knew you could have.

My wonderful wonderful co-organiser
big rounds of applause!!!

Me and Khei Sze
All smiles

Kendrick (super guitarist) Alyssa and me.
He did the drifting thingi at the HLMS concert.

Khei Qi again.
She insisted I wear the cap/hat/head thingi

Khei Sze. :)

People yo!!

Alyssa, you looked really pretty that night

the cap thingi

me and Tze Yi (boy boy)
And the awesome host, Tze Wei.
Thank for everything


Me and co-organiser


Oh, and this is dedicated to WenQi for the wonderful presents everybody recieved.
Although its not much but it was from the thought.
Thank you!!!

And when I thought things were going to be alright
They move away from me.
And when I thought these days are going to be okay
The skies change into a darker hue.
And I became lonelier each day as I step out into this world.

When I look out each morning
I watch these memories flood by me
Like tidal waves washing me over
And then I realise
It wasn't all that I thought it was

FYI: it was elmo's birthday yesterday :)
ELMO!!!!! We love you

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My first will be my last

Yesterday, followed my dad to his friend's open house in Sierramas. Damn I'm totally in love with that place. Its like big chalets and villas everywhere. Just imagine staying in a hotel everyday of your love. Won't that be awesome. Didn't get to take much pictures because it would be awkward if I were to whip out my phone and start snapping pictures of someone else's house right? Anyway, didn't stay there for long cuz I had to follow my parents to Shah Alam. Sister and dad had to make new glasses. Then, we went for dinner at some restaurant in Subang with cousin's family. Had lou sang but ate the crunchy parts only. Salmon does not agree with everybody. Yes?

Tonight is the masquerade party.
And I'm freaking out already.

Please make this right...

Yours truly,
with hope..