Sunday, February 24, 2008

One thing remains

One thing remains
So warm and tender
Your heart abandoned
Your wall now perishing
Like bad dreams in cold December
Nothing but ashes remain

To you i did surrender....

I am not what I seem to be
I'm shrouded and cloaked by darkness
held by creatures of the damned
Lying eternally in the deep night
Stars gleamed above my head
Shining hope on those who never gave up
Toxins fell from cursed lips
Speaking nothing of goodness but evil
Nothing may seem to be it
And the truth will never breakthrough
No matter how hard you've fought
I can never go back to what I once was
As I carve for unpleasant temptations
Desire creeps over silently
Something that may not be
For the craving for lust have swept me over
Leaving me wanting of more

I'm captured by your resonating light

Time time time. The last few days were juz horrible, I mean horrible for me. Everyone was so busy with the anugerah cemerlang thing and the meeting. They were gonna bombard pengetua with like questions about everything I hope...*winks* Classes were empty and there were like so many students walking around everywhere.
Just known a fact that actually shocked me, and it was the last thing I ever expected. Charm cheer workshop was yesterday and it was tiring. And ........
Well I don't want to complete that sentence..
Sumthin is goin on between ppl and I have no idea wat is one is telling and everything else is being in the shadows. And yes one person can really get sick of that.
I know I can get too sentimental what
Please just let me be......let me be who i want to be
And no I'm not lala. getting really bored lately besides having to worry bout my parents reading my blog, exams and sumthing else.
want to try to get drunk lately but failed to do so.
Result= getting a really bad headache and cranky

Mcflurry= normal and nothing unusual, but inside......

hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasort of "permed" my hair...actually its more of a diy

baileys mixed the whisky-ish chocolatey taste of it....some seriously random picture of me....My sweet sixteen fantasy.......

My work of art....on my sis's face..haha thanks!!!!

My once clear notebook.......

People can be so unpredictable,

Guess I'm not the only one being sentimental

Only you are on my mind no one else

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Seemingly standing still

I am so tired from cheer and homework and tuitions.
And to rub it in, next week is exams and I am sooo dead.
My ankle hurts more nowadays, shheetzz....ow. Yasmin and Aisyah are realli working hard on the cheer moves, wish you all good luck and thanks.
So pressured by exams and all....haih

Save me

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fading into you

haziq whitney yinky

Valentines day was last thursday... Didn't see as much roses as last year. Where are the guys hiding?? lol

Exams are coming in two weeks time and theres cheerleading to worry bout somemore. Its a wonder that I could still keep up wit things around here. My timetable is just soo....packed.

I am just soo frigggin randon these days..wait no its more to emoing most likely. Emo
dadieee and big jiee jieee

randomly pushing around heehee =)

My poor poor ankle still hurt though....still really swollen and as much as I would just like to keep my damn mouth shut, I cringe every single time my feet is placed on the ground. Everytime i jump or even put weight on it, the pain shot up is unbearable. I still won't admit I'm whiney because it hurts damn alot. Maybe my ankle is the one causing my emoness. Ow.

Yesterday after chemistry tuition, went with mum to her dinner with friends. And you know what, naughty me drank her glass of wine and every single drop in it. Felt a little hot, and my brain is throbbing. lol in a way to put it.

Please understand how I feel, I'm not easily understood.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Don't ever believe in anything I see and felt or even dream about anymore

Hey just came back from penang this morning. Was dead tired because throughout the journey I had to sit painfully in the middle.... I'm serious. Sitting in the middle for about 4 and a half hours can seriously kill my back and bum for that matter... *winks*

Chinese new Year in Penang was great eventhough I didn't actually went out anywhere.

My cousin , Lydia and her family booked a hotel overlooking Gurney Drive.....(beach) I went there for one of the nights to stay over so we could enjoy the gym and jacuzzi first thing in the morning. oh ya and the really really humongous swimming pool....woohoo!!!!!

I juz absolutely love the gym especially the equipment that has the word nice abs written all over it......It helps you with your abs....ya juz your abs...Gotta have one when i grow up..h

went for a little shopping at Gurney Plaza. It wsn't much fun anyways, most of the good shops are closed...sob sob..not that I have money to even look at anything

I forgot to say....I sprained my ankle on the way to was swelling like a big tennis ball.

On the first two days I couldn.t walk at all. There goes my chinese new year. I had to see a chinese physician on the second day of chinese new year. He told me that four parts of both my legs, the bone or something inside my leg ran. he had to relocate all four parts of my leg. It hurt like crazy. he was damn good. he just had to look at my leg and he know which part hurt. I really had to thank him if not I won't able to walk when I'm older. My feet still hurt right now. still swelling has gone down a little. So people try not to step near my left leg thank you. I would like to show you a picture but its too disgusting to look at. Its like this big tennis ball went into my skin. GOSH!!!!!

Oh ya I got to ride a motorcycle to see the physician. I was a little scared at first but it was really fun. I want to ride a motorcycle...SO COOL!!!!!

Me and my ahyee from penang..Her granddaughter is soooo cute!!!

lala lala la laaaaaaaaaaaaa

I still never forgot bout you

To jenn, I'm really really sorry. I know what you've gone through to get the team back in action. I feel so bad now but really I can't join. We should have a party to commemorate you or something like a monument. haha lol. a statue of jenn. Anyways, I want to thank you sooo much for what you have put in for the team to keep it alive. Thanks Jenn!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Let me lay down on you and hear your heart beating knowing you are there

Friday......larian emas day....damn tiring...o aam gee Sprain mee hurt
Went back early to yinks house after the race....was damn tired. Washed my hair in the was a funny scene then went back to school for cheer. Things could not get any worse in cheerleading...I see the team spirit going away...taking step by step further away from us..

Where has the joy and fun gone???
Where is the passion in each of us, the togetherness that is suppose to bond us together closer.

I feel damn disappointed beacause I am no longer one of them..All i could do was reminiscence the time I got to get out there on the blue mat and perform and hear everyone scream and cheer us. it was an awesome feeling. now, i could only sit by the stand and watch down below as those cheerleaders perform their hearts out. Enjoying every moment, taking in all the screaming and spirit there is in the hall.

I was dead tired yesterday. had music lessons then chinese.
Sorry to say it but I don't really like going to miss beh's house anymore..Seeing a particular girl makes me wanna scream my head off in front of her. *slappp* Thats what i want to do to her.

not doing anything this chinese new year so for anybody who wants to hang out with me please do say so. The distance is getting bigger and bigger already..can it still be closed.

Tomorrow all cheerleaders are to go to the coach's gym and i can't go. i'm done with everything.

Read finish "Twilight"..... One of the hot novels going round. It can be sooo addictive. Don't everyone wishes that happen but of course....thats silly isnt it.

I opened my heart for you and i will never openmy eyes
I never want this dream to end eventhough i know its not true......

Books can be soooo seductive =)