letters & notes

thou that do not speak 
of thy lips that are sealed
and questions thou shall not ask
with answers unravel
like threads the needle sew
through thy slippery fingers

ancient queen
the dark shall not devour thy scarlet crown
thy eyes in misty haze
thy heart that does not beat
be still
that the silence buzzes through thy ears
that the night shall creep in thy heart
and thy eyes will close forever

so soft, of the silent dragging of thy feet
from thy thirsts that was parched and ravaged
shall shatter the stillness of night
and the moon is shunned from the sky
and thy scarlet crown shall stay
in the midst of the night

damn the heart at stake it burns

that face in memory, the soul still yearns
to withhold this downfall, the heart will learn
and here it stands, willing the past to return

to hold this face within my reach
they mock my pain, to them I beseech
no longer alone, this world that still stands
the columns that hold, tumbles and bends

the ruins that fall and crumble in dust
untimed in existence, the play is cast
the masks that hides this lonely face
shall leave this dark night with fine grace

withing the flowing barley sighs
betoken the hurling abhor lies
besotted by the one who cries
an inexorable perdition that ties

doused by the illusory light
to obfuscate that wicked sight
oblivious to this waking night
and shudder away from soaring height

come away from the apple tree
bearing fruits which calls to thee
withered thought you might not see
this world holds out unto me

the little truths unevidently shared

was too much less none have cared

enclosed upon the life they wither
barred away the choices they hinder

so calmly, so discreet they whisper within
this saint, this lord who silently crept in
the darkened day left little choice
to beseech the unending singing voice

without the words, the rest still hides
against the roaring sun, his words it defies
begone will the wind and the sky
unreachable this dark secrets still lie

Amongst there images floating ahead 
They tell the words of those unsaid 

Come alive the night history creates 
The lingering presence of passion made 

In hollow cups filled with care 
And chatters filled the silent air
Of shadows gliding here and there
Quietly they moved and stare

Drinked, danced upon the glittered floor, 
To find whats hidden behind that door 
Reach closer and stand before these eyes 
When they take you in crumbling sighs

So close this distance cease to mattered 
Closed upon there pages so tattered
To bring them back needed so much more 
Pain never suffice to end this sore

and here i am pen down again

with broken tears and bleeding hand

never knowing what else to do
time is sought, there's none to pursue

these yellow parchment with black ink
and on them were words that sing
their soft voices patter in the wind
a banished curse, now a sin

one is lost and one is found
can you hear that silent sound
creepily pacing the earth like a hound
time stops so here i'm bound

would i say this much,
of words that mean as such
on a blue inked dusty day
would turn these mulled thoughts a little less grey

the bright sun smiles right from beyond
bringing with it rays that shone
to hide all irate clouds that stayed
painting the sky a brighter shade

just these words i bid to you
of innocuous wishes and small pranks too
a little older each moment, a little older with time
a little wiser each second, with the winds they sigh

untouched by time, unfound by light
the minutes that took on this great flight
i wish i may, i wish i might
just make a wish like this tonight

these profound thoughts as they soar
a little higher, a little more
hunger devours the heart that bore
lying dreams and hopes that tore

stay here awhile, sit and wait
secrets imbowers upon our fate
ungiven, unsought, this life you take
and will the pouring of secrets you make

these things i concealed
could never be revealed
and when i lay down everything
the morning had gradualed into evening

i find things i never understood
eventhough i've tried everything i could
the day was long as it is now
its mechanical works i don't know how

music streamed through these strings
hear it clear and soft as it rings
face the skies with its billowing wind
it brush your face and hair and sing

these assumptions were never clear
they were all never even near
woven memories come back here
drowning my thoughts with conscience clear

i see and hear and feel you presence
they've always brought strange liaisons
and as they fade gently away
the thoughts that lingered finally lay

in the end it all just cease to move
another troubled mind to soothe
so wrecked were these decisions made
these passionate words that they create

so when will it all crumble down
and then cave in without a sound
the absince estarnged by grains of sand
and it will end as it began

damn the heart at stake it burns
tha face in memory, the soul still yearns
to withhold this downfall, the heart will learn
and here it stands, willing the past to return

How could it still be the same
With possesions time has claim
How could it all still come true
When these waste dreams weren't new

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