Sunday, May 30, 2010

Doesn't matter where the world hides you, the world can never hide whats true

More crumbs :)

Maid left. And I'm gonna miss her. :(
Am stuck doing all the chores now. So much for being independent.
Yes, I am spoilt.
My relatives have been calling and telling to do house chores.
I know, I know, I know.

Can't wait to get back to college.
I crave their company too much that its the only distraction for me.
I hate being alone. Having to think back again and again.
To look at all my mistakes.

Eyebags are coming back to haunt me.
Am going to catch some sleep. If only sleep will allow me to catch them.

Oh man, My maid left. :(

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beyond Words

Yesterday was crazy. In fact, crazy wouldn't even be the right word to describe it.

Me and a bunch of lunatics, Karen, Micheele, Chee Seng, and Jen Nee, went to Genting for a project. So, we were at the bus station early in the morning to board the Genting Express bus. The baboon woke me up at 7.30a.m. because they were there already, and my alarm doesn't ring until 8.00a.m. Anyway, waited for Jen Nee, board the bus, started to realize majority of people on the bus were old. -_-"

Chee Seng had to sit with an old lady who obviously didn't like him falling asleep. Karen, Micheele, Jen Nee and I were laughing our heads off when the lady tried to move away and stared at him. Haha.

So blablabla, we reached Genting, did out projects and oh !
We were eating at Kenny Rogers for an assignment and we asked the waiter to call his manager. Then the waiter comes back and gives us a 10 percent discount off our tabs. And Karen said "we wanna see your manager" The waiter shook his head and said "no, no we give you a 10 percent discount" We started laughing and told the waiter we want to see his manager for an interview. And the 10 percent discount disappears.

So we did our assignment, and finally went out to theme park.
I sat the corkscrew and the cyclone and the flying dragon TWICE ! Didn't have the guts to sit space shot after that. Will do it next time tho. :)
Micheele had to leave after we sat the flying dragon to join her family.

But the main part isn't about all that. Its about AFTER that.
We went to Skyway to wait for the gondola and the crowd was massive. Literally massive like a human traffic jam or something. So Jen Nee quoted.
We're going to be late. And I panicked like hell. Chee Seng and Karen ran off to find another way to get down Genting because we're going to miss the last bus.

Was a complete nervous wreck while waiting. (Sorry Jen Nee)
Someone finally called Jen Nee and we ran off to the other end to find the bus terminal.
Apparently the next bus was at 10.10 pm. And I was soooo screwed.

Called parents to explain situation and Dad was in a huge fit. Mum wasn't really happy either.
Had big problems trying to find out where the bus stops. So, finally my parents were amazing enough to drive all the way to some unknown area to pick me up.

Waited for the bus a long time. And 10 minutes after its supposedly arrival time, we got on the bus home. And it does not end there. Halfway down the hill, the bus's brake/conveyor belt broke. the driver had to stop halfway to check the problem. In the end, the bus continued its journey and had to be extra careful.

So there's my crazy long story. Although it does not seem so much, but during the entire thing, we were all crazy tired and have parent at home waiting to explode.

So yeah. It was a hell of a long day.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am lost. and I need answers now.

I need a guide, and a new light. I need a new path and find a new way.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost in your soul, but I had to find my own way out

Whatever other stuffs. :)

Go ahead... Laugh all you want.
I know I look horrible.
At least it was fun while it lasted.
I wanna share my happiness exuding from the picture. :)

Almost died today.
Have 3 exams and 1 presentation.
Screwed Business.
Wonder what difference does a continental style and american style living means?
Anyway, did okay for Geography (i hope).
Memorised all the capitals with interesting methods. *winks at Micheele*
Multiple choice questions were okay.
Did you know we could pick more than one answer.
Mr Anshul is crazy. yesyesyesyes

World Cuisine is now out of the way too. :):)
Leaving Room Division next week and due date for computer studies assignment.
*dies all over again*

Going Genting this Friday for assignment purposes. :D
Can't wait.

My maid is going home this sunday too. crapcrapcrap

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Damn I love some candy

I can't believe this picture is still here. :)
I miss those times.
My life is so fucked up.
I am sitting here thinking about all those things people in their right mind would never think of.

I hate feeling all twisted up inside and the whole incident recurring again.
Can't take it. One person can only be mangled up so many times.
It feels like my insides are churning, and rolling around.
Like a flash of lights so intense you can't see which colour is it.

Bright colourful lights. Another thing of the past.
I probably am not making much sense of myself.

I feel betrayed all of a sudden.
Pretending isn't much of an option anymore.
When I see these faces, it burns a hole in me.
And how am I suppose to act like everything is so simple and uncomplicated?

I'm thinking I'm thinking.
Must be the stress.
I don't know.
I'm all muddled up. How am I suppose to know.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our love was one that even fairytale characters would be jealous

Love the "insert coin" part.
Google had Pacman theme today.
Me love pacman. :)

Leftovers for you to drool over. :)

Behind the scenes of a girl doing make-up