Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year !

Dear 2011,

I have had a whirlwind year. Yes I did.
There's so much that have happened that I could not remember any to list down.
I swear the list would go on and on and on.

But what I do know, is that I have had THE greatest time of my life and also THE worst.
All in one year.
I'm half happy that we're all moving on yet quite sad with the fact that, I could no longer turn back time and undo the things that have happened.
I know I couldn't have prevented it. But at least I wish I hoped that I could.

Times have certainly changed, and we have all grown up in our own ways.
Our perspective towards everything else has also changed too.

Life has its way of shaping our road but it still depends on how we're going to walk on it.
How we decide to take each step further that brings us to where we are.

I have learned so much in such a short time.
To maneuver myself through all the hurt and pain.
Through each obstacle, and each rain.
To stand beyond and look further than what I could see.

I also wanna thank to those who have been there through the bad times with me.
And also through each good times we've spent together.
Followed by each bullshit you've ever put me through.
Because without it, I wouldn't have known how unworthy you are.
Without it, I wouldn't have been able to learn of your character, and I wouldn't have made myself much stronger.

So thank you.
And I am also grateful to my friends who have been my shoulder.
Sorry if your ears are bleeding. haha.    :)
Sometimes, you save me when I am truly at the point of breaking.

So dear 2011.
To sum it all up. It has been a great year.
And it will always be that way while I still live.          :D

Thursday, December 29, 2011


"I find it kinda funny, and I find it kinda sad. "
- mad world                      

its weird how some people tries to stop themselves from doing something they shouldn't.
but ended up doing it anyway. 

how one should fall for another but refrain from it for all the screaming reasons. 
reasons that were good enough. 
why then began to fall in the first place. 

sometimes, it feels like holding your breathe for a very long time.
and you can't let the air out of your lungs. 
every moment, you drown in your own breath. 
and every second you drown, you resurface again. 

it's like dying and then brought back to life.

only it's being done a thousand times over. 

and you realize how more alive you are. 
that you can feel every stab of pain in your heart. 
and you wanna cry, and run, and scream all at the same time. 

so much is kept inside that you want to burst out and just let it all go.
but you can't. 

there are consequences to everything you do. 
one move will then lead to another. 
like how dominoes fall and then hit another. 

we can't do as we please, because there are others who live too. 
and we can't change things as we please, because the world does not only evolve around you.

i no longer believe in miracles
when it comes to love. 
and when it comes to me. 

being in love is like placing yourself in someone else's hand.
and that they may decide to protect you and love you and keep you safe.
and that they may also decide to just break you one day. 

New year?

Hi there ! 
It's another boring week with nothing to do but to stay home and rot away.
Taking the oppurtunity to get as much rest as possible before the new semester starts.
Mum has been sick lately, vomiting and sleeping all the time.
Went to see an acupuncture doctor last night to help ease the pain.

Anyways, new year is coming !
Hope everyone had a great 2011. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


went to a few different provinces in China. Couldn't remember most of them because throughout the whole trip, I was blur to where we all were going.
It felt like I was being pushed the whole time we were there.

The weather was great except for the last few days when the wind started to blow.

Some pictures taken there. It was an 8 days trip so all the pictures are not posted up.
There's just too many.
Here are some of my favourites.

The province is named after the flower above called gui hwa.    :)

update !

My blog has been so dead for the past two weeks.
Was busy with exams and then immediately after that, left to China for a vacation.

Will promise promise to update soon !

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New set of teeth !

makeover from shu umuera a few weeks back. 
didn't really like the outcome despite how I think highly of their products.

Went and did scaling for my teeth today. 
Dentist decided to do some filling to fill in the gaps between my front tooth. 
Is not THAT perfect, infact, they looked weird because now it's bigger than the rest of my teeth. 
But I am SUPER happy with the outcome. 
I had that gap between my two front teeth all my life. 
Now no more ! 
I can smile all I want. WHEEEE !

Before and after photos. 
If you can look closely at my two front teeth. 

Sister said I have bunny teeth now. 

At least I can smile without trying to hard to cover the gap.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I can feel it in my bones, gimme sympathy after all of this is gone

New addiction to an old song.

Started playing lyrics legend on a friend's ipad and this song got stuck with me.

Another weekend full of undone chores waiting for me to complete them.
Leaving for China this Saturday.
Can't tell if I was excited or not.

I have yet to bathe my dog, clean the house.
Wash my clothes
Study for finals
Pack for China
Commi on Wednesday followed by work.
Exams on Thursday and Friday.

Then leaving at 3 in the morning to China for a family holiday.
My relative is coming down on Tuesday. I am doomed !

Anyways, more interesting updates will come soon. I hope.
Sister bought an iphone yesterday.
New mission now: get parents to buy iphone for me. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Baby, why do you abandone me

I miss my poor baby. Gonna send it to the hospital soon !

Finals are starting tomorrow and here I am typing away. 
I am just so caught up with the whirlwind of events lately. 
Can't believe the term is ending and term 6 starts next year. 
It's absolutely crazy how time flies. 

and read.                           :)
Have never felt prouder in my life. 

Spot me !

Monday, December 5, 2011

Another was is upcoming

Everyone knows the infamous puss in the movie shrek right?

Watched Puss in Boots at MBO cinemas in Subang Parade last Wednesday.
Went all the way to Times Square in the morning trying to get my bag fixed.
Total waste of time. 
It wasn't worth it. 
Now I am in a dilemma. 

Anyways, the movie was surprisingly entertaining.
(sorry, I didn't like shrek very much)
But it cracked me up throughout the whole movie.
And I had fun. *surprisingly*

I think throughout the whole movie, my favourite part was .....


Finals are coming up close. 
And its another exhausting week. 
I feel like another war is coming up soon, and this war cannot be fought by using the mind. 
It's like the next wave pushing over the tide again. 
And I better brace myself for this one. 
It never ceases to end I guess. 
The wave comes and goes, and starts all over again. 
Reality was never so simple. 
And that is a fact I have to live with for the rest of my life.
There are some people, I know I am not up against. 
But I live my own life, and they live their own. 
End of story. * i can't believe i'm getting worked up over this*