Monday, December 5, 2011

Another was is upcoming

Everyone knows the infamous puss in the movie shrek right?

Watched Puss in Boots at MBO cinemas in Subang Parade last Wednesday.
Went all the way to Times Square in the morning trying to get my bag fixed.
Total waste of time. 
It wasn't worth it. 
Now I am in a dilemma. 

Anyways, the movie was surprisingly entertaining.
(sorry, I didn't like shrek very much)
But it cracked me up throughout the whole movie.
And I had fun. *surprisingly*

I think throughout the whole movie, my favourite part was .....


Finals are coming up close. 
And its another exhausting week. 
I feel like another war is coming up soon, and this war cannot be fought by using the mind. 
It's like the next wave pushing over the tide again. 
And I better brace myself for this one. 
It never ceases to end I guess. 
The wave comes and goes, and starts all over again. 
Reality was never so simple. 
And that is a fact I have to live with for the rest of my life.
There are some people, I know I am not up against. 
But I live my own life, and they live their own. 
End of story. * i can't believe i'm getting worked up over this*

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