Saturday, November 29, 2008

With a new clarity

How do we silence the congregation that sings of the truth and the lies they uncover. Whats more left to believe in when all is lost and remains unfound, like the silent secrets that creeps with the shadows and seeps discreetly into the ground.
When you betray your feelings, those very feelings will become your haunting past.
They tread upon the mark your weary journey has taken place.
So whats still true than these reversed feelings that comes and stay.
What can I still tell myself?
That I'm still here not ready to give up yet, even though I know of the impossible.
Innocuous they are, these small talks of eternal sunsets, but behind their smiles they hide, dangerous liaisons..

Handmade.. interested?? =]

Currently in love with Britney Spears new album.

Its hard to get an album where all the songs inside rock....
Theres one now.

Britney Spears - shattered glass
Britney Spears - Out from under
Britney Spears - Circus

Friday, November 28, 2008

Charity concert tickets still open

Hand made Wings by your truly and some help from Katrina.

Didn't get the chance to blog nowadays. I'm too caught up in preparing for the concert. Practices are full time and I'm back home at 11 every night. I even stayed one night to help out with the door gifts. You people better appreciate the effort. =]
Thats it for now.

I hope there is still nothing left amiss
Because I feel the absence

Friday, November 21, 2008

Music for perfect harmony

I'm gonna post this till someone gets so sick they had to ask about it....
Or maybe I'm just boring you guys out and finally my poor poor blog will be left desolated and unread... Drama???
haha, yea

Anyway, tickets are still on sale... Please and I mean PLEASE come and support this event.

As before:

Date: 7th December 2008
Time: 2.00 p.m - 5.00 p.m
Venue: University Malaya
Ticket price: RM 30

Students of HLMS ( Hui Ling Musical Studies ) have taken part in this event from the very top to the bottom.
Besides performances, many have spent time to draft out the tickets, booklet and door gifts.
Take time to enjoy the handiwork of students and share their passion for music.
Music lovers out there, this is an opportunity for you to bask in the love for music.
Students of all ages will be giving in a 110% to make this a grand and fantastic event.
This will be one event that will be leaving you glued to your sit.
Ohh, and yours truly will be performing there too!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How much longer does this silence have to move?
And all I do was hear the sounds of congregation limping away.
How much more do I have to tolerate this insufferable silence between us?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Be the gold gilded within you

HLMS presents
Music For Perfect Harmony
7th December
2.00 p.m - 5.00 p.m
University Malaya

Its for a charitable cause. Please help.
I promise it will be worth your time.

I miss you Mango Honeydew Sago Ice. = )

The woman is seriously obsessed over her new phone

Besides hankering away over the upcoming concert in two weeks time...
Time is what we seemingly lack nowadays.
Nothing is complete and the rehearsals are just next week.
I still can't wait for it to happen, and its been a long time since I was even involved in one.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Missing the every moment that I've never had. Sounds impossible?

I'm bored I'm bored I'm bored.
And I'm not afraid to say it again.
I'M BORED. get me?

Dance sessions now are every 3 times a week at night, dancing and feeding the mosquitoes at the same time. So much for multitasking....
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would, though the dance was much harder than I thought it was.
I can't believe the concert is like 3 weeks away. My legs are killing me, literally.
Then theres choir practice, which I prefer to call it *sings*

I have a dream (have a dream), A song to sing (song to sing)
To help me cope with anything (with anything)
If you see the wonder of a fairytale (fairytale)
You can take the future even if you fail..
I believe in angels *super super SUPER high pitched sound*
Something good in everything I see *I see goodness.. swt*
I believe in angels *I think I do??!!*
When I know the time is right for me * I should know , right?*
I'd cross the stream * enough streams to cross, its global warming*
I have a dream *and how did you know*

Sometimes, choir can be well............. funny? No, not the right word..
Eccentric, maybe.
I sung till my lungs went dry and paperish and my stomach screamed STOP!
No kidding.

There were suppose to be soprano and bass....
When the bass sings, the soprano followed, when they shouldn't.
When the sopranos sang properly *after much correcting and screaming* , the bass followed.
What can I say.... Its choir after all. =]

Anyone interested in attending the concert please tell me.
The ticket money goes to charity. Honestly.
Its on the 7th of December
At UM.
Tickets are RM30 each.
Come watch me trip over my butt.
*dont let that be a disappointment tho* =]
I happen to kick butt at dancing. Xp

ohh ohh, Ai Ni's dancing too!!
Thats a plus right??

*drum rolls*
Just can't get enough of the cute little robot.
yes, I have to admit, my afternoons are THAT boring.
But Wall.E can be very entertaining at times.
You just never know...

Friday, November 14, 2008


My very own lucky charm. =] They each represent something.

Pretty? My first handmade charm bracelet. Its not totally completed yet. Still have to get some coloured beads to fashion it. Sorry about the really blurry picture, still can see right? =]
This one below will be my next project, that is if I have the money to buy though. I really love the purple heart charms.

I'm totally convinced to get a navel piercing. I don't care about the horrible stories about getting your skin pulled out. I just can't ignore these really pretty piercings.

I love this!! It has a pastel coloured, yes...BUTTERFLY.... The beads below just compliments the charm itself.

I love this turquoise charm, if someone could just tell me where to get the beads. I wanna make them.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What is it all about?

What was right after all?
To have someone falling after you when you are in love with someone else.

Funny isn't it?
You go through so much...
And to have someone else feeling the same way too... Just not the one you wish it was.

Went out with KY last Sunday. Waited for her for almost two hours why?? Because her mom was asleep..haih. Lucky I had my mum.
Anyway, finally met up with her outside starbucks and went to curve flea market. It was raining damn it. My sandals were soaked wet, and so are my pants. The shops were all covered with plastic thingi and we can barely see anything inside. Walked about until the raining stopped and went to buy stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Well, most were KY's anyway. hahaa
Nothing much to blog about. The hols were as lifeless and dead. Even exams were much mor exciting. I am currently trying to read physics all over again. See how lifeless I can be. =]

I wan this. Its so damn cute!

Last day of school was on Wednesday, well for the form 4s and form 3s. We had to stay in either the AV room or the Music room as not to disturb the SPM sitters. The atmosphere was damn tensed. Walked around, chat, listened to music...bla bla. It was boring, but I'm there to risk the few last minutes of my time.

See you guys next year. =]

I hope things still doesnt change.
I'm sorry.

Miss Beh's charity concert on the 7th. Dancing? Stomping? Choir? Playing the violin?
Yes I'm freaking out. Because I'm alone at practice. Best of luck for me. =]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ink upon tattered pages

The world can be a whole different entity to us, and yet, when its conditions are favourable, it fuses into one whole meaning.

We are not the one who holds authority on the mechanism of the world, and the hands which holds fate with power. But we, succumb to them, victims to the ravenous time that feeds uncontrollably. What more can we do, than to put our hands together and pray? What more is there undone that could be accomplished if we had the courage to do so? What unselfish acts that could be manifest to show that we still stand here, a grain of sand amongst the dunes of the dessert?

I always thought that everything would turn out right, no matter how hard the situation might be, no matter how impossible these conflicts that were unable to be resolved. Now everyting seemed to be holding on to the opposite side, the other side that I still would not bow to. Yes, there were times I thought I had to give up, and there were times too that I just want to run away, away from these haunting that will never cease to stop. But I couldn't.

Was it so different from the others, the diference that somehow mattered so much to me. How could I put them in words when they were unspeakable off? They were secrets that burdened me, that held me down and crushed me. How could they know, what I've been through so I could still stand here regardless of the difficult situation. How would they know how I feel, to still hold on eventhough the rope cuts me? and how.. would they know what to say if they knew the pain that sifted through me, again and again, until I let go and cease to exist all together.

These didn't mattered to them, and a joke they thought it was. But they did not know how I walk through this cold, sorrow winter, alone. Was image their life, their companion and their ticket to places? Was image so great a deal, that even when it involves people who had not done anything at all???... That image needed a sacrifice as so to work its magic that had made so many people, selfish, uncaring and hungry for more?

An maybe, in other people's opinion... You cared for those you want to. I don't know if a myth that is or an un-exiting reality. Because image, after all... was your life and soulmate.Your status and name, your pride and your identity. Put them away for a while, and bend down to see what we've all been fighting for here while you're there having the time of your life, uncaringly.

Time still moves on, time still runs and will not stop.

And I am still slow by a step behind, left to ponder about matters that did not require heartache. So I am afraid, of the coming year, still doubtful of the events that seemed a long time ago. I'm afraid, so afraid that everything will end as it had never begin before. They fade away, like yellowing pages, left torn and tattered, and the words written upon it, that held so much... smothered....and was gone.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hello world. I'm free from these cold chains that bounds me, holding me close with there monstrous papers that has the word future written all over it. Okay, I did mean it in a "hiperbola" kind of way =]

Yesterday was the end already. Everyone in class was talking during the late two exams. You can actually hear answers being thrown across the room... So if you get lucky, you can pick them up. But whether to believe it or not, its up to you.

Anyway, why am I still talking bout exams. IT"S OVER!!!!
Can't help rejoicing in that.

Went ou with Juat Lee and watched *drum roll* Quantum of Solace. Cool? Definately. I really love the beginning of the show, the part where he was being chased and everything was in chaos. ]
I 'd just prefer Pierce Brosnan than Daniel Craig. He's face a little too wrinkly for my taste.

Exams are over... But I wanna wish all those form fives out there GOOD LUCK kay. Dont' faint just because you see your future being written on paper. =]

I'm gonna really plan my holidays this time. Not including studying but reading story books, yes.
I'm gonna go shopping shopping shopping and nobody can stop me, except the screaming that comes from my wallet. Ohh, well that can't be helped anyway.

See you guys next year!!