Saturday, November 29, 2008

With a new clarity

How do we silence the congregation that sings of the truth and the lies they uncover. Whats more left to believe in when all is lost and remains unfound, like the silent secrets that creeps with the shadows and seeps discreetly into the ground.
When you betray your feelings, those very feelings will become your haunting past.
They tread upon the mark your weary journey has taken place.
So whats still true than these reversed feelings that comes and stay.
What can I still tell myself?
That I'm still here not ready to give up yet, even though I know of the impossible.
Innocuous they are, these small talks of eternal sunsets, but behind their smiles they hide, dangerous liaisons..

Handmade.. interested?? =]

Currently in love with Britney Spears new album.

Its hard to get an album where all the songs inside rock....
Theres one now.

Britney Spears - shattered glass
Britney Spears - Out from under
Britney Spears - Circus

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