Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hello world. I'm free from these cold chains that bounds me, holding me close with there monstrous papers that has the word future written all over it. Okay, I did mean it in a "hiperbola" kind of way =]

Yesterday was the end already. Everyone in class was talking during the late two exams. You can actually hear answers being thrown across the room... So if you get lucky, you can pick them up. But whether to believe it or not, its up to you.

Anyway, why am I still talking bout exams. IT"S OVER!!!!
Can't help rejoicing in that.

Went ou with Juat Lee and watched *drum roll* Quantum of Solace. Cool? Definately. I really love the beginning of the show, the part where he was being chased and everything was in chaos. ]
I 'd just prefer Pierce Brosnan than Daniel Craig. He's face a little too wrinkly for my taste.

Exams are over... But I wanna wish all those form fives out there GOOD LUCK kay. Dont' faint just because you see your future being written on paper. =]

I'm gonna really plan my holidays this time. Not including studying but reading story books, yes.
I'm gonna go shopping shopping shopping and nobody can stop me, except the screaming that comes from my wallet. Ohh, well that can't be helped anyway.

See you guys next year!!

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