Sunday, September 26, 2010

paper faces on parade

Its been a looooong week I can tell you that.

Assesments are coming up next week and I’m still slacking over here.IMG_1693

Was rushing over the mocktail recipe which turned out to be a cocktail recipe due to some issues. And was trying out many different types of syrups to create the best texture. In the end, I had some help with some really awesome people.   Smile

So, the gang went to ikea, and sunway, and hocatsu to grab all the ingredients and last minute materials that we still need. We spent many evenings together to talk about lots of stuff.

And from there I realised its a shame that I didn’t get to know them sooner. Behind those faces, they hide a treasure of new mysteries to unlock, and all the happiness that you could ever have. Yes, these people have made my week so amazing there was not a second I would spend to think of him.

I guess its right then. When God decides to take something from you, He gives something back. And though I’ve waited long, at least He did not abandon me in my misery.


Cameron highland up next next week. Things are being done so last minute. I hope I can pull this off one last time.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Its everything and anything but you

For an avid blogger like me, not blogging for such a long time has made me feel like there’s so much to be written down. But I’ll just summarise. 

Friday: Went to Sunway Pyramid with Juat Lee and had good talk with her there. Bought a charm bracelet with the alice in wonderland theme. Its the uperkulchen in pink and a teacup. I wish I could find something with the pishsalver. If you don’t know what uperkulchen is or a pishsalver. Look up alice in wonderland. 


From last Saturday, went out with cousin to take her clothes shopping.

Then on Sunday, I started my first day of work as a promoter at jusco’s Christian Dior perfumes. It was an awful job and I had to stand at the entrance, enticing people to try the perfume for 12 hours every single day. I almost got lost trying to navigate my way through the staff entrance and exit.

When mum came to visit me, I almost broke down crying because it was so suffering. I had to stand for 12 hours at the entrance, unable to do anything or even sit down. My break time was like sanctuary. I hid in the facial room to rest my legs.


Punch card.


Our secret food stash in the facial room. Image306Image307Image310

Uniform.  I like !Image316Image318

Went out with Juat on Friday. Head to ou for a good talking session. Got a phone call from my co-workers saying that my customer complained about me to the company. Long story cut short, I hate that woman cause she put words into my mouth and she told a whole bunch of lies. Stupid ***** ! But I’ll be polite.


Claypot cooked food at kota damansara on Sunday. Was good !


My hair after two perms and lots of treatment. I know its friggin frizzy but I permed it twice in a week. Its damaging you know !!

Celebrated Jen Nee and Darling’s birthday at Wong Kok. Wasn’t much of a birthday surprise but we got her this huge milk tea drink for free !!!  we were laughing like mad because our stomachs were swimming with the tea. Had to go to the toilet so many times.


Until then, Wednesday is the due date for the monin cup fich technique. Tasted a crazy lot of monin syrups and my tongue is blue from all that colouring. Next week is final term assessments !





It’s not that I’m selfish. It’s not that I don’t wanna try.

If it hurts, I won’t be able to fix it unless I lie to myself.

And I know better than anyone else how that feels. I just can’t wish that upon anyone else. It’s that fear or bringing that black cloud upon you too. And we’ll end up hurting each other.

Unless my life goes on before I met him, maybe we had a chance. Maybe I wouldn’t be sitting here thinking of the past.

And maybe I would give us a chance.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

swirling twirling magical pixie dust


My recently accuired baby !

Platform peeptoe pumps !!!! I IS HAPPY


Yes, I know they aren’t louboutins but they’re mine all the same. Smile

So anyway, joined the drinks mixing competition for 2010 and had dinner on Monday night with lecturer and ex-champion of last year’s Monin Cup. He taught us a little on how to mix drinks and what goes well with what.


Main Course. So smalleeee but goooood.


Jazz Sense. My mocktail. LOVE


Butter vanile raisin bread for dessert. Specially requested as I didn’t like date cake.


tester ramadhan cookies !


Excited future bartenders .


Made Blackforest cake on Tuesday and chasseur chicken and cream of pumpkin soup on Wednesday. YUM !!.

And ohh ! I bought a set of drink mixing stuff.

psssst… I just redid my hair today. Smile

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Its bad enough that she can order me around like I’m her maid. It’s bad enough that she’s putting words into my mouth. And it’s bad enough she puts all the blame on me and claims that I started it.

I can’t deal with all these. I just can’t.

With all my college assessments going on, and the emotional roller coaster I’m going through, I just can’t afford to take in another.

I don’t know whats right or wrong. the lines between them have blurred so suddenly. What should I do? What should I have done. Questions and more questions are whirling in my thoughts and slowly, they are all leaking out.

I don’t know what to do with her. Does she really plan to hurt me and to disrespect me? Am I to bow down to her every order and to be the one to take it all in? I am the elder one, not her. I am suppose to be the one who cares but how could I after all that she’s done. She changes the story when telling my mum about it, and she’s not afraid of me proving her wrong. Because she knows that I will only be the one who sits beside silently and take in all the blames.


Because I don’t want things to go on. I don’t want my parents to be upset. Because I don’t want the sadness and gloom to hang over the family. So its rather I, as one person take it all in and the rest would remain as it is.

I want to be selfish so badly sometimes.

I want to stand up to her and prove her every lie wrong.

I want to so badly.

But I won’t.

Friday, September 3, 2010

tales of laughter


Went out with the other group to have dinner at a steamboat restaurant. Was a little reluctant to follow at first cause Karen and gang weren’t coming at all. Finally decided to go alone because I don’t wanna die of boredom in college.

And you know what I had fun. And I’ve met so many new people I did not realise before. Didn’t know how closed up I was until yesterday.


Enjoyed the dinner with tons of laughter. And crazy jokes. And honestly, I almost laughed until it felt like my stomach would burst and all the fishball would tumble out.

good company   Smile


Went back college later to play with lanterns. Had an early mooncake celebration. Was equally crazy as well. haha



See what I mean.    (:58342_422842772442_529392442_5386925_752599_n

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


maybe I’ve learned so much from you. maybe you were the one who was suppose to tear me down and let me build myself up again. maybe I needed to cope with the pain once in a while, cause nothing will always go my way.