Monday, September 20, 2010

Its everything and anything but you

For an avid blogger like me, not blogging for such a long time has made me feel like there’s so much to be written down. But I’ll just summarise. 

Friday: Went to Sunway Pyramid with Juat Lee and had good talk with her there. Bought a charm bracelet with the alice in wonderland theme. Its the uperkulchen in pink and a teacup. I wish I could find something with the pishsalver. If you don’t know what uperkulchen is or a pishsalver. Look up alice in wonderland. 


From last Saturday, went out with cousin to take her clothes shopping.

Then on Sunday, I started my first day of work as a promoter at jusco’s Christian Dior perfumes. It was an awful job and I had to stand at the entrance, enticing people to try the perfume for 12 hours every single day. I almost got lost trying to navigate my way through the staff entrance and exit.

When mum came to visit me, I almost broke down crying because it was so suffering. I had to stand for 12 hours at the entrance, unable to do anything or even sit down. My break time was like sanctuary. I hid in the facial room to rest my legs.


Punch card.


Our secret food stash in the facial room. Image306Image307Image310

Uniform.  I like !Image316Image318

Went out with Juat on Friday. Head to ou for a good talking session. Got a phone call from my co-workers saying that my customer complained about me to the company. Long story cut short, I hate that woman cause she put words into my mouth and she told a whole bunch of lies. Stupid ***** ! But I’ll be polite.


Claypot cooked food at kota damansara on Sunday. Was good !


My hair after two perms and lots of treatment. I know its friggin frizzy but I permed it twice in a week. Its damaging you know !!

Celebrated Jen Nee and Darling’s birthday at Wong Kok. Wasn’t much of a birthday surprise but we got her this huge milk tea drink for free !!!  we were laughing like mad because our stomachs were swimming with the tea. Had to go to the toilet so many times.


Until then, Wednesday is the due date for the monin cup fich technique. Tasted a crazy lot of monin syrups and my tongue is blue from all that colouring. Next week is final term assessments !





It’s not that I’m selfish. It’s not that I don’t wanna try.

If it hurts, I won’t be able to fix it unless I lie to myself.

And I know better than anyone else how that feels. I just can’t wish that upon anyone else. It’s that fear or bringing that black cloud upon you too. And we’ll end up hurting each other.

Unless my life goes on before I met him, maybe we had a chance. Maybe I wouldn’t be sitting here thinking of the past.

And maybe I would give us a chance.

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