Sunday, November 29, 2009


This is a very awkward slash shocked face. I was a victim to two crazy people and a curling iron between them. Poor me. Mum bought a hair styling set and can't wait to try it out on my hair. Results: hair looking like a lunatic who hasn't wash their's in weeks. Never stay around excited mothers with a curling iron in her hand if you have long hair. *runs about screaming*

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I would've been the air that you breathe, or the sun that shines for you.

Would it be funny to wonder, to know that someone loves you until he was willing to let go of you, to make your happiness the reason behind the ultimate sacrifice? Would it be right then, to leave his love behind, to love someone else that meant your life to you? Which part is right, and which is wrong, which decision is the correct one?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New moon, new phase, new love

'La tua cantante'
Watch new moon today and I guess it was okay. It's not as bad as what they think. It's a love story for heaven's sake, a story based on the thoughts of a girl. So can people cut the stupid sarcastic comments bout it. If it's so stupid why bother watching.
I thought the effects was really cool though I cringed at the head-slamming-against-marble-floor-then-cracking action, but other that that, everything was okay.
Note to young girls out there, please reign in your hormones when two people touch each other.
Thank you.

Anyway, excuse my venting for a moment there. Walked about, then head home.

Sometimes, I have watching movies like this. It just reminds me of the thing I could never own. Watching it just adds to the pain and light it up a little more. Burning against the fraying edges of this empty hole was bad enough. Everything's so empty inside out....

'my life would be nothing without you'

Monday, November 23, 2009

I can't be who you are

Watched twilight again. Suddenly realised how slow paced the movie was actually. Its wasn't so bad, the acting and all was okay. It's just too slow paced. That shows how captivating the writer's story is. Her words are used in such a way that it focuses the readers's attention to the story. But that's enough of a good word for the movie now.

Modern maths is tomorrow and I actually argued with my mum a while ago bout staying up too late. Well, that can't be helped.

"a life much more than reality itself"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

When again would we meet?

Modern maths tomorrow. Moral the next day. And add maths the next next day.
and all the small subjects will be done with.
Leaving the science and art.

"It's enough for me to comprehend you thoughts, that wandered every so often"
Because I want a life out of reality, a life told from a book. A life of tales.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the incomprehensible mask

SPM is now on the halt for three days before I have to resume my monotonous studying again.
Terry's add maths exam is on Saturday. I am doomed doomed doomed.
What was the word to repleace the word doomed in english again?

For the whole time, I could only at you face and wonder what thought could be crossing within your mind. It's so hard to try to understand what are you thinking of. Blank, blank, blank. Nothing else. Thought you will say a word or two, there is nothing else. Is it so empty within you? Being clueless all time can be so tiring. Trying so hard to understand. But that black stare of yours was unbearable. It felt like as if you have nothing for me. And it hurts sometimes to think of it that way. I still feel like I'm falling, plunging into this deep dark ravine that I have created for myself. Loneliness secludes me from the rest of the world. But I guess this is one part you wouldn't understand. For I wouldn't understand it myself. I could never comprehend why fairy tales made everything so easy and perfect when it really isn't at all. Reality isn't so much of a story book isn't it. It's so much more.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

midnight casanova

Wondering what am I doing up at this ungodly hour?
I slept for 3 hours straight after dinner.
The couch was surprisingly invinting...

Am tired, frustrated, sleep-deprived of, and tired all over again.
I honestly honestly can't wait for it to be over and done with.

Constant studying, and sitting motionless at the same spot, reading something over and over again can be a little too much for an exuberant person like me.
The same monotonous thing again and again, everyday.

I even sick of myself.
Please be over very very soon.

Can't stop thinking about it.