Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm torned

sometimes I feel like my heart is broken.
but knowing it's my own secret to keep, makes it even harder to try to cope.
to try and hide this secret inside me. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hand made with love

So I spent my entire weekend sleeping and shopping around.
Bought more materials for card making.
Lecturer actually requested for FOUR more cards and I couldn't wait to get started on it.
Ran out of materials and left for one utama to get some stuff.

Final verdict after an entire day's of work.

Absolute pride and joy. So what do you think?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

inner value

I was complaining so much about being unlucky or maybe lucky (in other people's opinion) when picking pendants during chinese new year. I realised my design wasn't as fancy as others, or even eye-catching or special. It was just plain and boring despite the fact that it has the most number of diamonds and most expensive. (not being vain) But slowly I realised, maybe I chose that for a reason. Maybe it became mine for a reason. Mine wasn't special, or has intricate little details on it. It's just a pair of hearts. With one coated with diamonds. 

I realised that maybe, this reflects alot about me. It shows me about an inner value. About how things don't show without needing to because they are genuine. 

Maybe I should stop complaining so much and just open my eyes. 
Just a random thought I want to share.   :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So what I've been up to for Valentine?
Making people happy !

Handmade two vintage cards for Mr Patrick's friends.
Wasn't for anyone in particular but am super happy with the results.

Got stuck halfway. 
Wasn't sure what I wanted to do.


Made cupcakes with my cousin on a Sunday morning.
Had fun with the icing and went absolutely crazy.
We actually made 3 large trays of cupcakes.
She took half for her boyfriend and I had the rest to give away. 

That's me. Making people happy.
The ones below are specially handpicked ones.

Placed sweet and sour skittles as a little surprise in the centre.

So was your Valentine's day as sweet?

Monday, February 13, 2012

fat people?!?!!?

I am writing this in response to reading a blog article on XiaXue's blog.

There's this post entry about Adele and how being overweight is an issue.
The whole overall post was really all about hating and misunderstanding, and mostly about the size of a woman, which doesn't even know we exist.

In some parts, I feel that Xiaxue has a wrong judgement on those fat girls she thinks are hating on skinny girls.
Adele has a strong character with strong confidence and she isn't afraid of that.
She wants the world to listen and watch her grow through her music and not by her looks.
She is trying to say that she is born that way and that even though lady gaga or katy perry has slimmer figures, she was given a larger frame to hold that beautiful voice.

Adele knows what society is after and she knows what society looks for in celebrities.
An I'm sure there have been many tabloid articles about Adele's weight and her size.
But I guess the main point is that she does not heed to all those comments.
She knows she is strong and she knows she is built that way, in a large healthy body, and she does not try to change that fact.

People do infact idolise her for her strength and courage for standing out in a world full of slim figured girls. She works hard beyond the small perception that society has for woman sizes. And she aims to improve places other people couldn't.

Yes, there are some girls who work hard for their skinny bodies that some of us do not know. We could only presume that they are born with their petite bodies and that they scorn at the others for not looking as good as them. Its hows how small the minds of societies nowadays are. Everyone can be so prejudiced.

Not all fat girls hate on skinny girls. And not all skinny girls laugh at fat girls.

Every individual has an aim, and their own priorities. It all depends on how one place their looks on which part of the list; the top or the bottom.

But in this poster, I somewhat agree with Xiaxue. She criticises Nicole Ritchie because of her body size and then says that she hates exercises. Exercising doesn't mean you'll get skinny. It's just a way of staying healthy and keeping fit.

Yes, Adele means that she wants her music to be heard all over the world. And she wants the world to love her for her music and not her image. But trying to keep a healthy body won't hurt, will it?
There are so any musicians out there who is as talented as Adele, but works hard to maintain that healthy body at the same time.

The rest of the post dribbles on about weight and size and celebrity.
I think people are getting overworked about something so petty, but society has decided to make a big deal out of it.

Being fat and being skinny does not change your personality. Sure, most people do prefer skinnier girls, but whats there to be done about that. People may go around trying to change the perception of the world with campaigns and idolising strong women like Adele. But some things we can't change, and that one of the things is trying to change the way we see pretty things.

We're all human. And we like pretty things.

There's nothing to be done about that. If someone take that too seriously, they should do something about it.
Loving the way we are is one thing, and exercising to lose weight is another thing.
You can't just presume to put everything together, like being a hypocrite on loving yourself, but refuses to exercises. Or even loving yourself, but still trying to exercise.
How are you going to comprehend that???

Either way, you end up being called a hypocrite.

So I'm going to sign out from here because my opinion ends here.
I cannot read other people's mind and I am in no place to judge who is right or who is wrong.
This is all purely based on my opinion only.

Anyways, valentine's day is up?
Anyone making any special preparations?? haha

Thursday, February 9, 2012

a new start

Leftovers from Chinese New Year.
So Chinese New Year has ended before you know it.
before you know it, I'll probably be graduating soon.
I'll probably be heading off to Birmingham for a new start.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pour Vous Sha


This post is dedicated for you.
You were one of the highlights of my internship at Westin.
And I can honestly say you were the most fun person I could talk with.
You made every working day less unbearable, 
and you were so easy to talk to.
You showed me all the little tips and tricks in the hotel,
and all your cool moves.
I miss you so bad right now and I have no words to describe how I feel right now.
Though we may have the shortest time together,
you still remained in my heart.
I can say you were the laziest bum there, and the craziest too.
But you never fail to make me smile.

I love you Sha with all my heart.
And I hope you're in a better place right now.