Wednesday, February 15, 2012

inner value

I was complaining so much about being unlucky or maybe lucky (in other people's opinion) when picking pendants during chinese new year. I realised my design wasn't as fancy as others, or even eye-catching or special. It was just plain and boring despite the fact that it has the most number of diamonds and most expensive. (not being vain) But slowly I realised, maybe I chose that for a reason. Maybe it became mine for a reason. Mine wasn't special, or has intricate little details on it. It's just a pair of hearts. With one coated with diamonds. 

I realised that maybe, this reflects alot about me. It shows me about an inner value. About how things don't show without needing to because they are genuine. 

Maybe I should stop complaining so much and just open my eyes. 
Just a random thought I want to share.   :)

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