Tuesday, August 31, 2010

swirling words in the skies above you


hello! I sold the red dress of mine already. Its cut short now and I’m going to miss it. Smile

But anyway, Queen Sze’s prom dress is for sale yo !19864_233448171383_578611383_3210670_5822426_n16969_239839829738_689629738_4208510_639714_n

please contact me if you’re interested. Its one lucky dress to have.

Sunday, went to ampang for moral assignment. Was suppose to help out at the orphanage with the children over there.

Honestly, I was shocked to see their living conditions. Their beds are all crammed and stacked together, and some even have to sleep on the floor.

29082010201Each of them don’t even own a cupboard of their own. Like us, we probable have a cupboard and a few drawers full of clothes. But they only have a cubicle of their own for their clothes. Like below:


Little Linda with chickenpox. She wasn’t allowed to be outside to play.


Busy with cleaning the outside of the orphanage.



Dad just came back this morning for Greece, and next monday he is off to Hong Kong and then to Bangkok and won’t be back during the raya holidays. Mum is planning to go to Penang then. Miss my grandmother. Anyway, he brought home some small stuff.


Olive oil !

And yes, who doesn’t love nano nano. YAYS !


Saturday, August 28, 2010

get me outta here

my driving is getting better, I hope.

Mum doesn’t scream so much now. Only at the roundabout. I keep moving to the wrong lane. She screams when I come out of my lane or when I brake too slow.

chaos tomorrow. I haven’t study for food science yet. crap.

i’ve lived my life


I do so want to forget everything, so so badly.

Please, let me move on.



and i vow to love myself more.

and not otherwise because its not that I don’t deserve you, you don’t deserve me.  at all.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I didn’t know what was I to expect, to finally be able to see you again.

Is it some sort of punishment for me, to torment me all over again, to break my already broken self. Or is it a wish being granted, to finally hear your voice one last time.

I can’t decide.

But it definately was nice, to see you again.


I felt the ground beneath me shake, and fell apart. And there were moments where I wished I could just disappear. But seeing your face, made me realize I was alive again. And along with that, all the moments I’ve lost comes rushing back to me, making me smile again. Yes, I smile again to see your face after so long. I thought it was all over, and that I would eventually move on. Though I admit after lying to myself for so long, I could not take you off my mind. You were sill there, hiding behind all the pressure and events I’ve faced in college, lingering there silently. I no longer speak words that will hold you here with me, because I know you are happy. and therefore I will try to be too.

Monday, August 23, 2010

To be here only for you


Whats left over from my first event job.

Was mellow in the beginning but when people start pouring in then it became crazyyyy !!! But nevertheless, it was fun. Not many pictures as I was working. Managed to snap these discreetly when all the people have left. It was 1 in the morning !


My pretty new sparkly slippers.


Went for dinner with AiNi on Sunday night. Wanted to see Lee Hom but was massively crowded. Managed to snap these while waiting for mummy. Can’t wait to watch his movie on Friday wit peeps.

He is the one in white btw. His sparkly shirt makes his glow. haha.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

fluttering dreams

276A This ring looks similiar to my silver one.   Smile 

But I still think mine looks nicer though.

childrens-9ct-gold-butterfly-ring-size-jbutterflyringThen I thought, what if I could have a butterfly ring as my wedding band. If I do ever get married of course. Which at first I don’t plan to after I have journeyed into this course.


Then it would even be better if I could have a butterfly themed wedding, if my fiance wouldn’t mind.  The whole concept is just so beautiful. Of course, if it was purple, I’d smiled for years. karen-millen-butterfly

I’d must have a butterfly satin mary jane peep toe pumps, in ivory.



And finally my dress would have a sweetheart neckline and a corset inspired bodyline that flows down into a heavy skirt. Beaded butterflies would line beneath the bustier and spread over the corset. Chiffon cloth and satin would flow beneath the corset to complete the whole look. 

Wouldn’t that be just lovely.



OKAYY, on friday. Group 4,5,6 went to the saujana hotel, shah alam for a visiting trip. Was almost dead in the car due to thursday night’s event job. Went back home at bout 2 and woke up at 5.30. Poor chee seng had to drive us there somemore.

Used my GPS to find our way but we took 5 wrong turns and had to find our way back. Laughed like shit and screamed in the car.



Felt like a kiasu ass the whole time because me and darling were fighting to stay first in line. We had to pair up and walk in a line to avoid chaos'.

exclusive restaurant below. rumah peranakan.


Karen and Jen Nee


Micheele and meeee.


People actually paid RM70,000 to be a member at the saujana golf and country resort. They paid so much just to play golf. A golf bag itself would cost RM500 and a golf club is about RM3000 ( there would be a few in a set ) . Plus gloves and shoes and hat and shirts and golf balls. Which also cost RM10 each. If one falls in the lake, too bad ! 

O_O      OMG, expensive sport much???


The girls !


Mr Henny Ong, our tour guide. He was an external examiner for our college assessments and I commi-ed for him before.


Extremely rich people coming through.


one of the private rooms in Kogetsu (moon lake), a japanese restaurant. The restaurant overlooks a shimmering lake. 

Chef Minami was there!!! cool !


I know I look utterly horrifying but I was tired from last night.


Rooms in the saujana hotel.


Extremely expensive looking.


VIP side of the resort. The pool will glow at night like shells.



Poor uncle teo. While waiting for other group to catch up.


Spa centre and med beauty.

Apparently you can go there for a RM770 facial. Haha.

And you can do botox or surgery there.

They even have mineral make-up to cover the swelling on your face after the surgery.


Then, off to Sunway for lunch.   Smile


till then !!!!