Friday, August 27, 2010


I didn’t know what was I to expect, to finally be able to see you again.

Is it some sort of punishment for me, to torment me all over again, to break my already broken self. Or is it a wish being granted, to finally hear your voice one last time.

I can’t decide.

But it definately was nice, to see you again.


I felt the ground beneath me shake, and fell apart. And there were moments where I wished I could just disappear. But seeing your face, made me realize I was alive again. And along with that, all the moments I’ve lost comes rushing back to me, making me smile again. Yes, I smile again to see your face after so long. I thought it was all over, and that I would eventually move on. Though I admit after lying to myself for so long, I could not take you off my mind. You were sill there, hiding behind all the pressure and events I’ve faced in college, lingering there silently. I no longer speak words that will hold you here with me, because I know you are happy. and therefore I will try to be too.

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