Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I wanna give all my loving to you


Lots of love from the friends and family last weekend.

Heck, I even got a surprise from TGI on tuesday. Smile

Thank you all for the lovely wishes on facebook. You haven’t forgotten me. And thank you melysa, karen, micheele, chee seng, and jen nee for the beautiful purple dress. yes, its my ultimate favourite colour.

Thank you daddy, for the new phone and awesome dinner at swenson’s. Because you love me soooo !!! And I love you too. And Thank you mummy for the dinner at New York Deli. I am soooo happy.

Ohhh, and Thank you sister, for the adidas bottle and purple blouse.

Its been a whirlwind weekend for me. And a crazy week too. Watch Sorcerer's apprentice with the college peeps. Was an awesome movie. I think we were the noisiest bunch there. Haha. We took the entire one row and was laughing during the movie.

So anyway, there’s boring accounts tomorrow. And AISEC night on Friday and IKEA browsing on Sunday. Life could not make me a more happier person.

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