Monday, August 22, 2011

was randomly browsing through breaking dawn spoilers when I saw her photos.

well, despite what some other haters say about her. 

Have been watching Xia Xue's youtube lately. 
I feel like even though her words may sting, but what she speaks is the truth. 
For most of us out there, we are never fully satisfied with how we look. 
I know we are to embrace how we look like, but if a little hardwork may take us a step higher,  why not?

Okay, just focus on the first few seconds of the video. 
After that, it's all up to you to continue or not.                  :)

Had the very best day of my life today in housekeeping.
Was suppose to be a backup for a housekeeping maid on the 19th floor,
but the manager told me to follow the nepal guy to fix curtains for the rooms.
So I did nothing but laze around the whole day and scrubbing corners for dust.
I sneezed like nobody's business today.
The whole floor was closed for some maintenance job and it was so dusty.

They were redoing the wallpaper and lacquering the wooden drawers.
It was crazy because there was not a single guest on the floor and I was happily running around with the vacuum cleaner and a grouting brush and a reader's digest magazine which some gust left behind.

Hide behind curtains to read the magazine, while pretending to look busy scrubbing.

Thursday is going to be my doomsday.
Amanda will be around to teach me to coordinate rooms.
Am freaking out at the thought of her teaching me. ARGH !

Monday, August 15, 2011

movies in bed

I smile thinking about my friend's new found happiness.
I hope someone out there will feel the same way for me.  :)

there's a million things I need to do after internship, and it all involves money.
I am utterly, totally, inevitably broke.
Its quite ironic since I'm working, and all meals are provided by the hotel.
There should be no absolute need for me to spend money.

More housekeeping tomorrow.
Am finally settling down to this routine of work.
took me long enough !

Sunday, August 14, 2011

housekeeping * WHEEEE *

worked for a good 13 solid hours yesterday, excluding the time I required to wake up, tie hair and make up.
and the jam in kl when I had to go home.
I swear it was one of the busiest days I've had in front office.
Had to settle limo arrivals, escourting chef wan to the meeting room.
And arranged the check in and amenities for the CEO of singapore airlines.
His secretary was so nice !

changing to a new department tomorrow !!!
am partly excited, and not excited at the same time. 
just the thought of meeting the housekeeping manager makes me cringe.  (in pain)

anyways, will be looking forward to japanese buffet dinner on saturday ! 
can't wait. 
new house is cleaned.
I guess renovations will start soon. 

may this internship end quickly and less painfully. 

in serious need of fixing my hair.   :(
it's starting to look like a mop. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

it's my birthday !

Had one of the most craziest birthday ever. 
Was actually working in the hotel that day and wawa played a bad trick on me 
when it was almost time to go home. 
Was am in a frustrated mood as I had to redo the whole report for the VIPs.
Then she came in and told me I had to pay RM 73.70 because I attached 
the wrong amenity card.
I was totally bummed and I had no choice but to pay.
So I was in the ultimate pissy mood.
Then the phone ring but I ignored.
And then Joe from Guest Services came and told me that
I had to go upstairs and see the westin executive club manager
because the guest wanted to complain about me or something.
So I had to abandon my half finish report and followed him up.
I was scared to my bones and I didn't recall checking in any guest that day.
Then, he hurried me to the back area to find the manager,
and they were all hiding there with a cake. 
I was so friggin relieved and surprised at the same time. 
Was so touched that they did all that for me. 
Wawa actually requested for a cake from pastry that day just to celebrate
my birthday. 
It was definately one birthday that I would never forget.

birthday present from friends

 Birthday present from mum !

                                                 My all time favourite perfume !

Thursday, August 4, 2011

call me your bartender

Pictures are not in order. 
the photographer's name is pretty much written in every picture.
credits to him anyways. 

Can't help but looking back at all these pictures. 
They were one month's of hard work. 
But I guess the experience paid off.
Now I'm feeling nostalgic about the competition. 

So here's the pictures in which you can scrutinize since it's all extravagantly enlarged.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my past moments

Some leftover pictures from my phone since the commencing of my second internship.
enjoy !!

Yes, I'm sephora crazy !

If you can see it upclose.

crazy jam at Jalan Bukit Bintang to Pudu area. 

During the three days orientation. 
Yes, our table was purely Taylor's students. 
And we are all crazy mineral water drinkers. 

what happens when you're bored, 
you spam your friend's book. 

the coordinator for trainees will go berserk when they see this. 

preparing last minute bar stuff at home. 

pictures of the chairman suite in westin. 
wawa took me around to see the rooms. 

the ONLY room in the whole entire hotel with a jacuzzi. 

Yes, its a duplex and it's an insanely large large suite. 

capsule shower rooms.
so cute !
imagine if there was someone who favoured girls,
they'd go high !

lockers in the changing room. 

love the dressing table area
feels like harry potter and the chamber of secrets-ish

in the back office where they store the guest's luggage.

Arranged their rooms and meeting area.
Apparently all the managers were here for a major meeting.
It was a nerve wrecking week. 

 Our name tags !

Housekeeping, Guest experience, Westin Executive Lounge

the massive jam from KL to my house.