Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my past moments

Some leftover pictures from my phone since the commencing of my second internship.
enjoy !!

Yes, I'm sephora crazy !

If you can see it upclose.

crazy jam at Jalan Bukit Bintang to Pudu area. 

During the three days orientation. 
Yes, our table was purely Taylor's students. 
And we are all crazy mineral water drinkers. 

what happens when you're bored, 
you spam your friend's book. 

the coordinator for trainees will go berserk when they see this. 

preparing last minute bar stuff at home. 

pictures of the chairman suite in westin. 
wawa took me around to see the rooms. 

the ONLY room in the whole entire hotel with a jacuzzi. 

Yes, its a duplex and it's an insanely large large suite. 

capsule shower rooms.
so cute !
imagine if there was someone who favoured girls,
they'd go high !

lockers in the changing room. 

love the dressing table area
feels like harry potter and the chamber of secrets-ish

in the back office where they store the guest's luggage.

Arranged their rooms and meeting area.
Apparently all the managers were here for a major meeting.
It was a nerve wrecking week. 

 Our name tags !

Housekeeping, Guest experience, Westin Executive Lounge

the massive jam from KL to my house. 

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