author & artiste


Hello there.   :)
so how do I start describing myself?  Hmm.

I'm that typical kind of girl, who likes all things creative and magical.

I love making my own stuff. Not a fashion designer, but more of a graphic person. And I guess you can say I'm sort of  freelance makeup artist. Definitely self-proclaimed. But I do have testimonials. 

Not very tall, although much taller compared to some. Not skinny, and not very fat. But yes, fat I am. Has straight hair and large bone structure. Constantly trying to grasp the concept of a fat person but of course I am constantly trying to upgrade myself. 

Favourite colour is purple. 
Favourite drink , mint mojito. Anywhere, anytime, anyday. 
Favourite food? Can't decide now. Ice-kacang, asam laksa, rojak etcetera.
Favourite ice cream is soursop from Gelato Fruit
But I don't mind a cup of pralines and cream from Baskin Robbins.   :)

Favourite scent, flower essentielle by kenzo.
All time favourite song, only hope, not by mandy moore though.

I guess those are the basic questions that I've answered. 

Am anthophobic. the really serious kind.
I know I'm a girl and all, but I just can't find an explanation for that fear.

As I've mentioned, I love all things magical. I always have this dream that magic just isn't so far away from us. Its like within another dimension, hidden behind walls or such. But of course, I'm jut being silly. Nothing wrong with believing in stuff like that. Makes life more interesting huh. 

Anyway, I do write sometimes. Short stories and such. 
I used to write nice poems, but not anymore. They just remind me of a memory I would like to forget.

I love my ever crazy bunch of friends, and those that were with me for many years. 

I'm really really shy, but once you get to know me. I'm that typical crazy friend who absolutely loves to laugh and make life a little less gray.    

With love, gwen.