Friday, September 23, 2011

monarch butterfly




if you don't know this dress, it is "metamorphosis" designed by Luly Yang
and it is one of the most beautiful dress that I've ever seen. 

It ranges from golden yellow to dark hues of orange and red, similar to a monarch butterfly. 
the whites of the wing are embedded with beautiful tiny crystal like beads
and the dress just takes my breathe away. 

I'm being very random but I want to share this dress. 
it is absolutely beautiful. 
wish i could design something similar one day. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

the latest news?


internship was officially over on Sunday.
And after that, was a string of events that became quite crazy.

Work on Sunday ended at 7 and we (me and Jen Nee that is) had awesome dinner at TGIF.
Walked around Pavillion looking at stuff after that and then went home.

Had to wake up early on Monday to meet up at McD in KL. We're suppose to do our clearance and retuen everything to Westin. BUT, we did not recieve all our appraisal forms yet so we could not clear our stuff.

THEN, Karen called on Tuesday morning to ask me if it was okay if I spend the night at college to help her do hair and make up for the competition on Wednesday. So I packed and went out and bought stuff and fetched sister here and there and packed during the whole afternoon. After dinner, left to college to help Karen with her preparation.

Wiped glasses, cut fruits, and made candied roselle all at 1 in the morning. Slept in Karen's car for about half an hours before waking up at 2 to take bath and start hair and make up routine. Did her hair and make up until 4 something, then pack up everything to leave for KLCC at 5 in the morning.

Did not manage to see her perform because the stupid people of FHM would not let us in. BAH !
So, just waited around from 5 till 9 something staring at chefs walking about.

Met up with Dev, Chee Seng, Micheele, Jen Nee and Benny then head off to Suria KL for breakfast. Was mad hungry at that time. After that, walked to Westin to try to do our clearance one more time BUT the HR people were TOO BUSY to layan us. They even asked us to return again.

BAHHH !! That's two trips to KL for nothing.
sheeeshh..  *mumbles about something mean*

SO, continue walking around Pavi, had lunch at Snowflake, then watched Johnny English reborn.

Honestly, I cannot give reviews about the movie cause half the time I was sleeping in the cinema. I as dead tired. And apparently some of us were sleeping too. Some of them still had work and we were soooo friggin tired. Well, except Jen Nee who sat beside me and laughed like shit. haha.

After that, we all went home and they had dinner at dai chou but I went home to sleep instead. Woke up at 7 with a massive stomachache and then mumma made maggi with assam soup for me. Makan then slept.

And that all leads to now with me, just out from bathe and typing away.   :)

More pictures will be up soon but not now, cause I was too lazy to take out my camera. 

sleepy face in the morning. 

Karen's awesome hair.   :)

first runner up
I is proud.   :)

brendon's sending off

leftoever pictures from his sending off party !

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

rain and mosquitoes

Leftover pictures from Shogun the other day. 
Went back to shah alam for two weeks in a row. 
First was sushi buffet with cousin at Sunway
eating sushi at your expense was pure pleasure ! haha
Then we had a mooncake festival gathering last sunday with my uncle's family too. 
Laughed and talked and ate barbequed chicken and corn and sausage. 
Had vinegar pork's leg too. 
(failed attempt to translate cantonese dish) 

Monday night. 
Lousy attempt to play lantern alone.
literally syok sendiri. 
Mum was asking me to dig out all the old lanterns and light them up.
and so, I did. 

Last and absolute final week in housekeeping. 
I am looking forward to monday. 
I will finally be free !