Wednesday, September 14, 2011

rain and mosquitoes

Leftover pictures from Shogun the other day. 
Went back to shah alam for two weeks in a row. 
First was sushi buffet with cousin at Sunway
eating sushi at your expense was pure pleasure ! haha
Then we had a mooncake festival gathering last sunday with my uncle's family too. 
Laughed and talked and ate barbequed chicken and corn and sausage. 
Had vinegar pork's leg too. 
(failed attempt to translate cantonese dish) 

Monday night. 
Lousy attempt to play lantern alone.
literally syok sendiri. 
Mum was asking me to dig out all the old lanterns and light them up.
and so, I did. 

Last and absolute final week in housekeeping. 
I am looking forward to monday. 
I will finally be free ! 

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