Sunday, October 30, 2011

the ever plain usual

watched paranormal activity 3 today in cinemas.
Won't post the poster like I always do.
Because unless you wanna live a longer life, I suggest you do NOT watch this.
It was a very disturbing, horrifying, and fucking scary movie.
I swear the director has like some kind of disturb personality or something.

Will be working tomorrow for Westin under catering for the PGA golf tournament.
COOL ! will be working in double leveled marquees.
It is going to be one hell of a crazy week.
work on both days, table setup and f&b talk on Monday.
Then, dinner service and routine practice on Tuesday.
I am going to be the ultimate living zombie of Taylor's.

Will be stressed out about imcoming events, and assignments one after another.
Update soon!   MUAH !

Friday, October 28, 2011

till now

it feels like my whole world is thrown back on repeat.
i won't go through all of it again.
and just to come out of it feeling more disappointed than ever.
it's a sick game. and i won't play it.

i don't want to feel like i wasn't good enough.
i don't want to feel the need to compare myself
and i don't want to feel like i need to make myself fit for you.

i don't have to explain myself to anyone.
neither will i agree nor disagree to your opinions about me.
i won't jeopardize my life right now just to play along with you.
stop assuming, because it will never go according to your plan.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


hello love. it's been a while.    :)

I've been busy with so many things lately it's crazy.
Assignments are piling up sky high, and we're entering week 4 now. 6 more weeks to go.

I'm still thinking about you.
and if'd only you knew.
I thought about your life. And the stark difference it is from mine.
Always wondering what you've been up to, and most of all, if you were still writing again.
I guess this feeling never goes away. And there isn't much I would do about it.
Just think of the moments, of how every single detail would bring me back again.
So much hurt, yet an equal amount of happiness.

I will never forget you, but I do hope you forget me.
For I will remain nothing but a ghost to you.
A ghost in your heart. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

world food day

it's been so long since I've blogged.
So sorry to have abandoned you readers out there.
(if there were any to begin with)


Main thing I wanted to post about today was the World Hunger Day.
Joined my friends and lecturer at college at 7.30am. on a Sunday morning to help pack meals for the hungry people.
The whole event itself was amazing and the experience was one of a kind.
Note that we were there voluntarily. And we spent one whole day there packing food.

It was crazy fun and we laughed and danced so hard at the end.
They even served free flow of beer to all participants.
So proud of myself.   :)

Watched the three musketeers in 3D yesterday. Mum's treat.
Entire movie was awesome !
Even more in 3D. Don't mind watching it again.

Milla Jovovich was the countess slash assasinator slash spy

Absolute love. 
The best part was that Mr.Darcy from Pride and Prejudice was one of them !

Till then, hope to recieve proper pictures tomorrow about world food day.  
seriously, we took alot of inappropriate ones. 


Sunday, October 2, 2011

odd jobs and more shopping !

Have been drowned in part time jobs lately and spending my money on seriously unnecessary things.
I honestly don't know why, but I have the strongest urge to spend spend spend.    :)


I have been shopping so much lately, I can actually make a super haul video already.
There's the file organiser from Miss Whatever.
Then the slip in files from popular.
Cardigan from Nichii.
Shirts from Cotton On.
New pencil box and phone casing from the night market.
Hair accessories from the market too.
New thermal mug.  (dad wouldn't let me use the plastic one. all the more reason to spend money)
New handbag which I regretted getting.
New stationery.
Another new handbag (on the way to recieving it)
New accessory from Diva.
Hair dye. (have chio hair now !)

Just to list down a few. hahah.

Seriously. Have been spending too much money.
At least I was working for the past few days to earn back some money.
Was a terrible shopaholic.
I guess my wish list is somewhat completed. Haha. It'd better be right?

So excited to get back to college tomorrow.
And the new classes I'm about to sign up for.