Sunday, October 30, 2011

the ever plain usual

watched paranormal activity 3 today in cinemas.
Won't post the poster like I always do.
Because unless you wanna live a longer life, I suggest you do NOT watch this.
It was a very disturbing, horrifying, and fucking scary movie.
I swear the director has like some kind of disturb personality or something.

Will be working tomorrow for Westin under catering for the PGA golf tournament.
COOL ! will be working in double leveled marquees.
It is going to be one hell of a crazy week.
work on both days, table setup and f&b talk on Monday.
Then, dinner service and routine practice on Tuesday.
I am going to be the ultimate living zombie of Taylor's.

Will be stressed out about imcoming events, and assignments one after another.
Update soon!   MUAH !

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