Tuesday, November 8, 2011

in time



Made my passport and missed class for the first time in almost two years. haha.
Missed my law assessment and have to resit tomorrow morning.

Rushed to college today after making my passport and went to watch in time.   LOVE !
awesome awesome movie.

Not much to blog about besides meeting up on Monday morning to finish up group project and had crazy spaghetti buffet lunch at Plaza Kelana Jaya by the lake.   :)
Projects and assessments are due next week and the week after that.
I'm going crazy with all the deadlines and submissions of paperwork.
Mum on the other hand is rushing me to apply for uni.

Yes, I'm going crazy and I'm still trying to make time for dancing classes.

Spent a bomb on a bag recently and for now, I have to live below the lines.
Still no regrets. The money was worth it.

Can't wait for the upcoming family trip next month. Wish me luck !

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