Sunday, November 27, 2011

ipoc & grc

hello there !


Some of the pictures I managed to snag from ericca's album.  :)
Artwork I've done during the IPOC & GRC conference dinner. 
Was supposed to be a masquerade theme. 
But we were low on budget to buy masks so we'd decided to draw them on. 
Spend almost 3 hours drawing 21 people's faces.
Was quite a challenge.
Went home with a sore ache in my right hand and muscle cramps.
But after I looked at the photos, it was all worth it.

I love the fact that they all look so beautiful.
Technically their all the same design, but their faces brought the lines to life. 

Anyways, lots of stuff coming up. 
But all the main assignments are done.
Finals are in 3 weeks. EEK !

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