Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dad left for Riyadh this morning and he just texted me saying he's arrived bangkok for a flight transfer. :(
I miss daddy. He's always flying away so often lately. Pfffttt.
Anyway, went to college yesterday so spent time with the college bubbas.
Had tons of crazy laughs again as usual.

Assessment tomorrow. Its the last. Thank goodness.
I can't believe the term is ending. So soon.
Two years will go by in a blink.
And I'll miss my friends so so much !
I'm feeling all sad and soppy again. I hate bad moods.

Holidays are starting soon. I can wait for the holidays. I don't even want them to come.
I am going to be bored out of my mind.
I can't go out cuz there's no transport too.

BUT, I can't wait to go to Penang. Awesome awesome awesome.
Have finally smoothed out all the details.
Now all I have to do is just get there and enjoy. :)

Till then!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

i just wanna hold on to all that i can hold on to

Hello peeps. I am BACK !

Went all the way to Ampang to visit Dad's relatives.
Uncle Anthony just got married and moved and his house was insanely gorgeous.
Its very oriental, with lots of glass windows and trees surrounding it.
There's like three floors, sort of and the entrance opens up at the stairs to the bedroom and the living room.

There's this gu zheng (chinese harp) sitting at the entrance and his office is sort of like underground with lots of papers and stuff.
He's an architect like dad so yeah.
Met the cousins (like finally) , Malia, 22 and Patrick, 19.
so yeah, I got my dream come true. The guy is not some young kid !
Yay ! So much for babysitting. He looked a little bit like Harry Potter. :)
Malia is real pretty. But of course, 90% of the westerners are pretty anyway.

Talked...ALOT. Dad was finally catching up with his cousins and childhood memories.
Then, went to dinner beside PAVILLION. :)
Had Hakka cuisine with them.
Not exactly my kind of food, but I was willing to eat anything at that point.

Talked more, and finally we all went back home.
So, I'll post up pictures real soon.

its all about us

Hello world.
A quick one here before I go out.

Yesterday was insanely tiring.

Went to college early in th morning for the housekeeping commi thingi-ma-ningi.
Waited awhile for others to come before we started.
Each of us were assigned to a room to assist the lecturers in assessing the students.

I was assigned to front office so it wasn't so much fun.
I had to escort the candidates and make sure neither of the talk to anyone else until they are in the room.
So in and out I went, calling the id number of the students.
And I got to sit in the room to see how the students are doing their assessment.
Many of them mumbled and did not do a very good job.
I guess they're just really really nervous. Haha

So after that, went Sunway for lunch with the college friends. :)
We had Italiannies. Love.

After that, went shopping awhile and went home.

Got home, get ready for dinner with Wenyi and the peeps.
One after another, yes. I was dead exhausted.
Had dinner at Vivo in the curve and walked around the street market.
Bought a crazy lot of stuff home. :)
But I was happy.

Was nice to see them all again.

So.... Bye!

Friday, June 25, 2010

its just the rest that i cannot bear to leave

gwen bought plastic shoes today !

No, not literally plastic shoes. Its just me and mum loves to call it that.
Mum bought croc shoes for me.
Black pretty ballerina flats. :)

Went ikano today to buy sister's camera and birthday present.
Ate shihlin's bento box thingi. And had chocolate tongyuen. I miss eating those so much.
Then, went to shop a little and go home.

Commi tomorrow! Long day ahead. Haha.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'd still put you first everytime

Actually thought that today went well. :)
Wen and Claire came and it wasn't awkward at all.
There was some mess up at the kitchen though.
People went following the numbers.

Anyway, was a long day. And my legs ache like shit.

Wen was being awesome as usual, correcting me.
I was shivering like a mad person.
My hands were shaking so badly it was so hard to hold the plate.
And we had to stack all the plates at once. pfftt.

So, its over and was a good experience.
till then !
Commi for housekeeping on saturday. Toodleyy doo.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

and when I got home, before I said Amen, asking God if we
can play it again. :)

Had another long day today, from 6 to 6 as per usual.
Went to Sunway (again) for lunch and a little bit of shopping.
Came back in time for class.

Tomorrow I am serving guest. As in REAL GUESTS for my assessment.
pleaseohplease. Don't let me screw up.

Wen and Claire is coming. I'm nervous and excited. whee!

Monday, June 21, 2010

every rose has its thorn

I swear I cannot read fairytale love stories anymore.

I would literally feel like zapping myself into that world for a while.
Everything is so different, everything is new there.

It is what my life lacks that all goes into a made up world.

The story is so simple, so uncomplicated and so easy.

what am I saying? I'm going crazy. ppffffftt.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I was just thinking when my mum's good friend's son ask me if I have a boyfriend.

I think that I'd rather be able to love so many people and be loved in return rather than focus it on one person only.

The friends I love at college. The girls I love that I grew up with. The people I love that walked by me through all the hardships. The family members I love. The cousins I grew up with and all the relatives that cared.

I think thats more than enough people to love. :)

I love you guys so much !

Baby, cause in the dark you are my shining star

oh man oh man
Exams are on Tuesday. :(

Had driving lesson this morning for three hours.
Honestly, I suck at driving. Wish I was better.

Anyway, came back for lunch with mummy and Mima.

She brought along her two kids too, leonard and grace.
Had cabonara spaghetti at some little cafe near DJ.
Went to Atria after that for a walk and bought some stuff.
Bonding sessions with little kids. -_-

And now, I want to study.

Friday, June 18, 2010

to tread tenderly and gingerly on the rays of dawn

I am bored, and therefore shall decide to bombard you with pictures of me. :)
I give you nightmares !!!

I know I'm bored and have nothing else to do.

Went to Tung Shin hospital again to see the doctor.
My legs are recovering and shall be able to wear shorts again SOON !
Whoooo ! Say hi to incredible awesome legs. :)

Anyway, went Pavillion after that.
Got scolded by mummy because I didn't know how to lead the way.
Had a big argument. But it was okay after that.
Stuff there were too expensive and *drooooolss*
I absolutely love Roxy and Forever 21. :)

Anyways, drove by Bintang Walk. Was stuck in a traffic jam there.
Saw plenty of massage parlours and hotels. And a group of young extremely good looking boys.
Mumma couldn't stop saying how young they look. haha.
But yes, it was male model heaven.
Blond, tall and blue eyed. My fav. :)

And so, a dreaded long weekend to come. And time to study for finals.
Driving session on sunday. Can't wait.
See ya !

Its automatic that you say things get better, but they never

Cookie crumbs !
Preparing board presentation on Monday. :)
Was too lazy to post this up but I'm on a break now. Heehee.

Making weird shapes out of black paper, and circles out of aluminium foil.
Laughed like crazy as usual, over the crazy black shapes karen had cut.

karen cutting shapes
I have receding hairline. :(
oh crap.

Loving my hair colour.
*victoria look-a-like*


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just let the rain and the sun fall on you

pictures from brendy khoo. :)
Fine ! Its from Brendon. with an e.

If only I could put all the laughters I've had in here.
Because these pictures all not all that we have together. :)

Kitchen class tomorrow. We're making glazed vegetables. Yum!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happiness in a bottle

Its the peeps I love most. :)

Had geo and pastry class today. MMmmm, my favourite class of the week.
Tasted chef's green apple pie and it was love.
And baked butter cake today.

The day didn't matter much about the butter cake, but it was the fun we had.
Lots of laughter and silly jokes did we make today.
Although there were some moments that I wasn't very happy about.
But the day ended on a happy note. :)

I am happy and I love my bubbas and peeps.
Thank you, God. For i am blessed.

did I mention about my insanely awesome brown hair !

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm infected by your voice

ignore the face
focus on those lovely coloured locks.

And yes I'm wearing guy's pyjamas. So ?
They're very very comfy. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

so close but still so far

Went out with the girls today at our favourite boring ou.
Had a long talk at KTZ while eating mango loh. *love*
Went shopping for awhile after that. :)
Wen bought a new phone by the way. Its ultra cool. haha

So, bought some stuff.
Then went to Garden for dinner.
Had chicken chop and spaghetti cabonara.
Finished off with fries and iced coffee. :)
The day was absolutely wonderful.

We were all tired from college and all, but we had good talk.
It's so nice to finally see what they are up to.

I love my girls.

I still miss you
after so long
you were all that i wanted
a neverending dream

Friday, June 11, 2010

the second star to the right, shines in the night for you

Had an unhappy argument with my mum just to watch POP with friends.
Mum was being unbelievably gracious to me these few days, sometimes I feel like I don't deserve it. But here's a word to her:

Thank you for everything. Thank you for being so understanding and thank you for all the freedom you've given me so far. I know I have been pushing m
y luck but you never breathed a word about it. Thank you for handling all the house chores when you're dead tired from school. And thank you for fetching me to and fro all the way from Sunway. I will try to lift your burden but I don't think thats enough. Mummy, you deserve so much more. Thank you for being there. :)

So, I went to watch POP today. :)
And for you people who don't know what POP is....
Its Prince of Persia. ( I know the initials thingi is brilliant )
Anyway, left after college. Had our last Front Office class with Ms Ben Li today.
We are going to miss her soooo.
I wish she's my lecturer in the next term.
You will never find any lecturer more down to earth than her. :)

So, again.
POP was awesome!
Literally. Me and Karen were busy nudging each other during all the kissing parts.
And there were plenty more other things like sniggering for example during the whole show.
Too bad Micheele was isolated on the other side.
But then of course, that was the whole point.

Justine, me, karen, chee seng and micheele went to watch POP.
That will be the new headline of the day.

Oh, and Wednesday. was suppose to go ice-skating but plan failed.
Wanted to watch movie instead but KAREN, bought tickets for a late night show.
Apparently she bought tickets at 11.20 P.M. instead of
We got shoo-ed out of the cinema. :(
At least we had a good laugh when we bullied Karen for not seeing the time properly.

Guess what, I'm watching Peter Pan from 2003. Jeremy Sumpter is LOVE.