Sunday, June 27, 2010

its all about us

Hello world.
A quick one here before I go out.

Yesterday was insanely tiring.

Went to college early in th morning for the housekeeping commi thingi-ma-ningi.
Waited awhile for others to come before we started.
Each of us were assigned to a room to assist the lecturers in assessing the students.

I was assigned to front office so it wasn't so much fun.
I had to escort the candidates and make sure neither of the talk to anyone else until they are in the room.
So in and out I went, calling the id number of the students.
And I got to sit in the room to see how the students are doing their assessment.
Many of them mumbled and did not do a very good job.
I guess they're just really really nervous. Haha

So after that, went Sunway for lunch with the college friends. :)
We had Italiannies. Love.

After that, went shopping awhile and went home.

Got home, get ready for dinner with Wenyi and the peeps.
One after another, yes. I was dead exhausted.
Had dinner at Vivo in the curve and walked around the street market.
Bought a crazy lot of stuff home. :)
But I was happy.

Was nice to see them all again.

So.... Bye!

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