Monday, June 7, 2010

This is the last, I promise.

Its already been two years and two months since that day. Life for me has changed drastically over these period. A changing course so quickly morphed. How could I ever forget you, and how could I ever put you out of my mind.

You went as swiftly as you entered my life. But the severity of the lost I felt after you left was deep enough to let it linger on for so long. Your presence was like a dark ink blot on a white shirt. The stains may never wash away. It only fades after a while.

And its that long while that hurts so bad.

I could never comprehend why you. Of all the things other people see in you, I saw something different. You were like my own shooting star that runs across the glimmering night sky. It is the words that I miss so much. And that level of understanding, so different from others. But it sufficed for me.

To forget would take so much time. For that scar you left feels like it would just never heal. You took away a part of me. And after that, I've never felt whole again. It hurts to this degree that my heart would just slip away quietly, leaving me soul-less. A part of me is bound to you, and it's not something that could be withdrawn so easily.

Pain, pain, and pain. The thought of what-ifs just kills me. Had I not mattered to you at all. Was I just a ghost in this short part of your life. Because it felt like a whole chapter to me.

This will finally be the end. the moments of you still lingering in my thoughts will fade.
And it will be like it never happened before.
I cannot afford to feel pain like this no more.

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