Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wish you may and wish you might, Keep your wish and hold on tight

Had sleepover sessions with Karen and Micheele.
Laughed like mad crazy people. Made Karen watch Hannah Montana with me. Hahaa
The guy in the movie is smoking HAWT. :)

And Karen got me addicted to Butterfly fly away. Its a meaningful song.
Wish I had the voice to sing to my mummy.

Anywayy, slept late because we did crazy random things at night. And we bitched and bitched.
After all, it was the highlight of the sleepover right?

Went to KL early next morning. Wore the wrong damn shoes.
Every part of my feet are peeling and it hurts like crazyy.
I never ever ever want to walk in KL without my flip flops and shorts.

Interviewed Micheele's uncle who is a chef working at the Prince Hotel.
I just love the atmosphere of the hotel. :) Its pretty.
Anyway, we had the whole restaurant to ourselves because they had to close for break.
Did a video tour round the whole restaurant, which was actually very small and exclusive.
Their kitchen looked almost the same as ours. Just a little more messier and more charts.

Sooo, Friday night was spent buying oath rings and drooling at Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald.
And Saturday was spent making a guy's life miserable. haha.
With that, all the walking was literally killing my feet.
I was in total agony when I had to walk under the sun all the way back to the LRT station.
I am now officially the person who consumes the most plasters. :)

And sooooo, I'm crammed with assignments and exams and short on moneyyy. :(
Assignment due on monday. EEEKK!

Had dinner with cousie Lydia and family. I ate a whole bowl of rice. O.O
Its alot for me. have been eating so much lately and I'm always tired.
Sighs. Eyebags are coming back....

The best people you'll ever meet. :)

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