Sunday, June 27, 2010

i just wanna hold on to all that i can hold on to

Hello peeps. I am BACK !

Went all the way to Ampang to visit Dad's relatives.
Uncle Anthony just got married and moved and his house was insanely gorgeous.
Its very oriental, with lots of glass windows and trees surrounding it.
There's like three floors, sort of and the entrance opens up at the stairs to the bedroom and the living room.

There's this gu zheng (chinese harp) sitting at the entrance and his office is sort of like underground with lots of papers and stuff.
He's an architect like dad so yeah.
Met the cousins (like finally) , Malia, 22 and Patrick, 19.
so yeah, I got my dream come true. The guy is not some young kid !
Yay ! So much for babysitting. He looked a little bit like Harry Potter. :)
Malia is real pretty. But of course, 90% of the westerners are pretty anyway.

Talked...ALOT. Dad was finally catching up with his cousins and childhood memories.
Then, went to dinner beside PAVILLION. :)
Had Hakka cuisine with them.
Not exactly my kind of food, but I was willing to eat anything at that point.

Talked more, and finally we all went back home.
So, I'll post up pictures real soon.

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