Friday, June 18, 2010

to tread tenderly and gingerly on the rays of dawn

I am bored, and therefore shall decide to bombard you with pictures of me. :)
I give you nightmares !!!

I know I'm bored and have nothing else to do.

Went to Tung Shin hospital again to see the doctor.
My legs are recovering and shall be able to wear shorts again SOON !
Whoooo ! Say hi to incredible awesome legs. :)

Anyway, went Pavillion after that.
Got scolded by mummy because I didn't know how to lead the way.
Had a big argument. But it was okay after that.
Stuff there were too expensive and *drooooolss*
I absolutely love Roxy and Forever 21. :)

Anyways, drove by Bintang Walk. Was stuck in a traffic jam there.
Saw plenty of massage parlours and hotels. And a group of young extremely good looking boys.
Mumma couldn't stop saying how young they look. haha.
But yes, it was male model heaven.
Blond, tall and blue eyed. My fav. :)

And so, a dreaded long weekend to come. And time to study for finals.
Driving session on sunday. Can't wait.
See ya !

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