Thursday, March 26, 2015

Too cool ? for school !

So I was getting a massage at this massage parlour which freaked me out immensely. I have never been to a proper massage parlour before, only the ones by the roadside in Bangkok. I've heard things like you've got to be naked and the masseuse is gonna see your goods and all that stuff. The descriptions felt more like scenes in a kinky romance story. But enough of that weirdness, so I had the upper body massage and it was the most awkward experience ever. More on that later, because today we'll be talking about this interesting korean brand.

So I came across this quaint little corner shop that sells things that looked like art supplies, but to my surprise they were cosmetic items. Everything looked amazing in that shop and the packaging for each item looked so meticulously crafted. The graphics were really cool and fit into that whole "too cool for school" theme. The shops layout was covered with opened vintage boxes like the ones where salesman in the 90s would carry to your doorstep to introduce to you anew products. They had different collections for different make up items and skin care ranges depending on what you're looking for.

The damage?

 pictures are credited to 
the blogger whose photos came out on google. 

I got this dinoplatz, dear brachiosaurus blotting sheet.
It was the first thing that caught my eye when as I walked into the shop.
This has got to be the most interesting blotting sheet invention thing ever !
I like the box that comes with a mirror and the sheets that adhere to this turquoise sponge.
The packaging looks great, however the sheets aren't as good as the ones from clean and clear. It doesn't absorb much oil and the paper falls off the sponge when it gets too oily. Not sure how I feel about the usage as the refills are slightly more expensive than the clean and clear ones. 

Still, I'm a packaging kind of person and we'll see how this works out in the long run.

So the next item was the most expensive item of the lot.
It's a tinted jelly lip balm in a cat container called Max in Pocket.
Well, we can safely assume the cat's name is Max?

I love how the packaging is cute, but not in a "cute kids" type of look.
The design looks sophisticated and has a fun flair to it.
The colour is kiss kiss and it's a true red tint lip jelly. The balm itself is super sticky, and although it's very moisturizing, I'm often plagued by the fact that I'm left with a sticky finger after application.

There isn't alot of product in the container because it's suppose to be pocket size. 
But for that price, I'm not sure I will repurchase this.

pictures are credited to 
the blogger whose photos came out on google

 The last items is this hand cream range from cats street. 

pictures are credited to 
the blogger whose photos came out on google

I just cannot comprehend how people are so creative. The box itself looks amazing and I can't bear to throw it away. Yes, I am a hoarder and I am unashamed of it. 

I took the time to smell all three hand creams within the range. The sales girl told me the rose scent was the bestseller, but I am not too keen on smelling like a rose. There is a slight chlorophyll smell to this rose scent compared to the annasui cosmetics.

I ended up with the lily smell which just smelled like fresh air and doesn't have an overpowering floral scent. Besides, the packaging for this one is the best too. It's a win win.

So, I'll definitely keep an eye on this brand. The pricing for some of the items ranges from RM40 too RM150, which isn't too bad depending on which item you are getting. I hope to try some of the other cosmetics and skin care items like the egg mask foam in the future. 

Till then !

Thursday, March 12, 2015


get over how gorgeous the packaging for the new MAC cinderella collection.

Even the box it came in with was beautiful.
Managed to snag a few items from the collection before everything is sold out.

Can we just take a few moments to revel in the simplicity and wonder of the amazing perriwinkle blue packaging with lavender coloured lustre? It is this beautiful powder blue with a purple lustre and the gold just compliments the blue.

I bought the lipstick in "free as a butterfly", the beauty powder in "mystery princess" and the lipglass in "glass slipper". Funny how relevent the names of each makeup is to the traditional princess movie.

As an avid lover of makeup, I hardly step into MAC stores because I just can't find anything that I would wear. I'm very much a neutral kind of girl and MAC is loud and colourful, which just goes opposite of what I want. SO when I heard MAC launched a cinderella collection in collaboration with Disney, (yes they collaborated, not the inspired ones) I had to get myself some of the collection. To my delight, everything from the cinderella collection is neutral shades. I was in heaven.

The packaging was beautiful and the subtle nude pinks and glitters were just right in every product. I was there less than a week after the collection launched and already most of the products were sold out. I was anxious to get the blush which I heard was very pretty and the "happily ever after" lipglass. Unfortunately, they were already sold out. I am obsessed with the "happily ever after" lipglass because it has blue shimmers in the pink gloss, and it looks so pretty on the skin. Will probably try another outlet and see if I can get my hands on it.

Anyway, the pictures just doesn't do the product any justice.

I wonder if anyone was as crazy about the collection as me?

By the way, the movie was amazing too. It's a simple fairy tale retold, and it made me feel like  little girl all over again. I am a real Disney fanatic and eventhough I'm much more of a realist in person, I secretly harbour feelings for my childhood dreams. 

I love her glass slippers, and my obsession with butterflies needs to be controlled.
Seeing her dress and her shoes just sends me off into a frenzy.

I hope you guys enjoyed the movie as much as I did.
And no snarky comments because it's a freaking children's story. No need for technicalities.

Till then !