Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hello. Have been slacking around for almost three days now.
Went Bangsar village yesterday. The place was awesome.
My first time there. It wasn't so bad.
Bought my first piece of Zara clothing.
Fine, second piece, But the first one didn't count because I was forced to buy it.
And I didn't like it anyway.
Walked around and bought my sister one of those freakishly large dooodolls.
Kakatak, I think it was called.
Had to haul the thing around the mall.

We were walking halfway when my slipper broke.
So typical.
Never ever wear slippers to shop.
Or in this case, especially me.
Mum was grumbling cause I had to walk barefoot till we could find a shoe shop.
Bought myself a pair of silver t-wedge flats.
It was pretty and expensive.
There goes my brand new pair of slippers.

Lydia came by on Sunday night and can you believe it....
She shaped my eyebrows.
I never thought I would ever say that in a million years.
I went and did my eyebrows. Hahaa
Dad said I looked like a goldfish.
It was a painful experience.

But my holidays are until then.
Didnt get to go out much anymore.
Mumma says I've got to study.

Btw, up was an awesome show.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Never a better place

Sometimes I can be really tired of trying to follow these people.
Bitch. Everything is so fucking unfair.
Everyone hates her, and love her at the same time.
How is that possible.
I love every one of them. But they never seem to feel the same way to me.
It seems that your new friends will just sit on their old friends.
And the best part about it is that they don't even care.
You have no idea of how hurt I feel.
Using me all along? Now I wonder. I'm just that storage box to confide in.
But the rest is being left out. The fun and laughter.
FUCK everyone of you.
Especially her. To hell with all if you.
I'm always so tired.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello then goodbye to you

I bought a new wallet. Yay!!! I'm in a good mood... for now.
Tomorrow would be the last day before exams.
I am honestly looking forward to Friday. :)
Bio and maths were a breeze today.
We practically knew the answers already so it didn't really count much.
Tomorrow Tomorrow!! I'm singing along.

I'll miss your dark brown eyes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sometimes there are things that I can't handle anymore.
And I won't. I wanna run away, so the world won't push me no longer.
I wanna protect them, those that I have have hurt before.
But I can't protect myself.
Selfless, at least that was what I thought of my own weak point.
But nobody seems to notice.
The world of themselves. And I can be so sick of them.
So very very sick.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

YOu don't know how often I still think about you

Can you see the irony??

I'm missing out on the week.
Am tired and bushed from exams. One after another.
Can't wait for raya holidays to start. I actually can't believe that exams started one month ago.
And its still not over yet.
Moral - screwed
Bm - screw teacher
mod.maths??? *speechless*

It feels like I'm short on some exciting adventures on my life.
But how could anythin get exciting when you're a student anyway.

Nothing else really interesting to speak about.
No one still interested in the dress???