Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hello. Have been slacking around for almost three days now.
Went Bangsar village yesterday. The place was awesome.
My first time there. It wasn't so bad.
Bought my first piece of Zara clothing.
Fine, second piece, But the first one didn't count because I was forced to buy it.
And I didn't like it anyway.
Walked around and bought my sister one of those freakishly large dooodolls.
Kakatak, I think it was called.
Had to haul the thing around the mall.

We were walking halfway when my slipper broke.
So typical.
Never ever wear slippers to shop.
Or in this case, especially me.
Mum was grumbling cause I had to walk barefoot till we could find a shoe shop.
Bought myself a pair of silver t-wedge flats.
It was pretty and expensive.
There goes my brand new pair of slippers.

Lydia came by on Sunday night and can you believe it....
She shaped my eyebrows.
I never thought I would ever say that in a million years.
I went and did my eyebrows. Hahaa
Dad said I looked like a goldfish.
It was a painful experience.

But my holidays are until then.
Didnt get to go out much anymore.
Mumma says I've got to study.

Btw, up was an awesome show.

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