Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The secret that lies beneath your lips

I'm back world!
Have you missed my random rantings?
I know you have.

It's been crazy busy lately. With all the endless assignments and drama going on and on.
"its killing my brain cells!" quote Karen. :)

Anyways, I've gotten over crazy computer assignment and Room Division assessment.
The printing guy really hates me now. I'll bet no one has ever given anything more difficult to print. He practically cringes when I come over

Today we learnt how to operate a coffee machine and ate cake. Was Miss Zuratul's birthday today. :) Me and Micheele were practically fighting over who was going to finish the coffee. At least I had fun playing bartender role.

I just realized that it has only been over one month and so much has changed since then. The morphing of characters, growing and changing so quickly. We learnt so much about one another. About what lies beyond us and what blinds us. And the term is drawing to an end. Its an understatement to say that time flies. Because it goes by us in a blinding speed and when we open our eyes, we're at the end.

If things could change so much in just a months time, how much more are we going to uncover by the end of two years?

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