Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dad left for Riyadh this morning and he just texted me saying he's arrived bangkok for a flight transfer. :(
I miss daddy. He's always flying away so often lately. Pfffttt.
Anyway, went to college yesterday so spent time with the college bubbas.
Had tons of crazy laughs again as usual.

Assessment tomorrow. Its the last. Thank goodness.
I can't believe the term is ending. So soon.
Two years will go by in a blink.
And I'll miss my friends so so much !
I'm feeling all sad and soppy again. I hate bad moods.

Holidays are starting soon. I can wait for the holidays. I don't even want them to come.
I am going to be bored out of my mind.
I can't go out cuz there's no transport too.

BUT, I can't wait to go to Penang. Awesome awesome awesome.
Have finally smoothed out all the details.
Now all I have to do is just get there and enjoy. :)

Till then!

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