Friday, July 2, 2010

Until you would just give in to me

Hello ! :)

So friday was a breeze. Felt mad scared about the assessment and all.
I wanna get As !!!!

Anyway, studied in the early morning. The peeps were emo sheetz.
Briefed about penang, talked about it.
Laughed about it too. :)

Went for the assessment. Was separated with peeps cause ALL DH and DT students were taking the test. Was mad nervous about what questions will come out.
But in the end, it wasn't so bad.
Panicked a little when I couldn't remember anything.

After precisely 45 minutes.
The examiner let me out and I was waiting for the rest so we can go catch our movie.

Bought tickets to watch Knight and Day and went Gasoline for lunch.
Food was amazing. Love the twist of it. Had black pepper fried rice and soursop with chocolate drink. :)

Knight and Day was crazy funny and we laughed throughout the whole thing.
Wasn't so bad a show after all.
Actor was good looking and Cameron Diaz was acting in it.

So yeah, there ends the last day of term 1.
Oh me and Karen tried to disappear after the movie to leave mich and kambing alone.
We managed to get away.

Then this lady from Bizzy body stops me and says "do you want to be Bizzy Body's ambassador?" or something like that.
She was speaking chinese and all I heard was potential and modelling and prizes....
Wasn't very interested though.
But she asked me to fill in a form and so I did.

By the time we walked away, they caught up with us.
And we had a good laugh.

So, till then!

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