Thursday, July 8, 2010

another long week

I wanna sleep and never wake up until its Sunday.
How do you pass the time when there's nothing to study and nothing to do.
I would only be here waiting for mum to bet angry because I'm not doing anything productive.
Stupid holidays. I hate the holidays.

Yes, I'm abit college obsessed. Honestly, I love doing all those assignments given to me.
And I don't mind doing presentations too.
It is to THAT extent that I am bored.

BUT, I don't look forward to tomorrow though.
I have to take my sister to school tomorrow to collect her report card.
So much for parent teacher day meeting. BAHHH
And then, there's the extremely long walk back home from her school.

Saturday is driving pre-test day.
Its one after another.
I might have a heart attack one day with all these nerve wrecking events piled up.
Wish me lots of luck people.
Pray I don't kill anyone on Saturday. :)

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