Sunday, July 4, 2010

whats another rose that would smell just as sweet

Had dinner on Friday night at Desa Park City with Cherie, Sze and Shereen.
It was really nice to see all of them again. :)
To catch up and stuff.New Zealand ice-cream for dessert.

I swear I'm going broke.

On Saturday, Meng Pei fetched me to her house for a movie filming thingi.
She has to complete her psychology project for mate selection or something.
Spent the night before writing out the script.

went after lunch to her house. Yin and Yun were there already, dressed up.
So, while they were doing their makeup, I wrote the introduction and conclusion to her movie for filming.
Had discussions on which things to amend in the script.
We discussed about who will be playing which part in the film too.

Filmed the whole thing in the park outside Meng Pei's house.
It was mad stuffy and hot, and there were gigantic red ants crawling about everywhere.
Finally filmed the thing. Had crazy laughs along the way.

Got begged into going along with them to their gathering.
Ate at Tony Romas. :)
Was nice being able to spend some time with them.

Some leftover pictures of dad's relatives come over from canada.

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