Tuesday, July 20, 2010

which was a dream, and which, a reality?

Joseph Gordon Levitt :)
I love youuuu !

Long day at college again.
Still getting back in rhythmn though.
Classes are longer and there's more theory now.
I don't really like the accounts teacher though. She scares the sheetz out of me.

Watched INCEPTION after classes today.
Arthur was hot hOT HOT ! :)
Anyway, it was a good show. I highly recommend you to watch.
Seriously !!
Its not like those typical action movies, its full of suspense at every corner.
I was almost jumping on my seat during every blast.

The only thing that spoiled it was the potent, thick and disgusting smell of coagulated sweat.
Thought the smell would eventually go away but it only got stronger.
Micheele and I were choking our way through the whole show.
Indian workers were sitting behind us and we almost puked.
Brought a small bottle of those silkygirl roll on perfume.

The smell was so bad I almost made a dash to the toilet.
Indian workers can go to hell.
Take a bloody bath before you come.
It ain't that hard. pffttt.

Till then, nervous about my room division results.
Everyone seems to be getting alot of 90 plusses.

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