Friday, July 30, 2010

I hate you I hate you I hate you.

You bitch !

You cowardly, egotistical, overly vain, loud mouth, backstabbing, selfish, wannabe bitch ! You are what every hateful word describe. You are so low to the bottom that you would step over yourself to pick your face up. You think you know the world but you don’t. You think you are so smart but you are not. You think you are in control but you are not. You think you are pretty but you are not. You think you are kind, gentle, outspoken, brave, strong, and confident. BUT you are not. YOU ARE NOTHING.

So shut the fuck up and keep your words to yourself. You’re a liar and pretender. You’re an ass who actually cares for no one but yourself. You are low and deceitful, and you are not what you think.

Shut your mouth when no one asks you to talk. fucking assistant secretary. Shut your mouth when you are the one doing last minute work. Or sometimes, nothing at all. Shut your piehole when you are not  the one in charge. Shut your bitchy mouth when you are the one skipping class every other day or coming late. Shut up shut up shut up.

You are no better than the rest of us.

In fact, we’re way better than you.  We’re not the one who stayed back one year later. We’re not older than you. And we strive hard for what we want to achieve. You would only bask in other people’s glory, and turn the spotlight to you.

Fuck you.

So why don’t you sit down and shut the fuck up like the rest of us.

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