Friday, June 11, 2010

the second star to the right, shines in the night for you

Had an unhappy argument with my mum just to watch POP with friends.
Mum was being unbelievably gracious to me these few days, sometimes I feel like I don't deserve it. But here's a word to her:

Thank you for everything. Thank you for being so understanding and thank you for all the freedom you've given me so far. I know I have been pushing m
y luck but you never breathed a word about it. Thank you for handling all the house chores when you're dead tired from school. And thank you for fetching me to and fro all the way from Sunway. I will try to lift your burden but I don't think thats enough. Mummy, you deserve so much more. Thank you for being there. :)

So, I went to watch POP today. :)
And for you people who don't know what POP is....
Its Prince of Persia. ( I know the initials thingi is brilliant )
Anyway, left after college. Had our last Front Office class with Ms Ben Li today.
We are going to miss her soooo.
I wish she's my lecturer in the next term.
You will never find any lecturer more down to earth than her. :)

So, again.
POP was awesome!
Literally. Me and Karen were busy nudging each other during all the kissing parts.
And there were plenty more other things like sniggering for example during the whole show.
Too bad Micheele was isolated on the other side.
But then of course, that was the whole point.

Justine, me, karen, chee seng and micheele went to watch POP.
That will be the new headline of the day.

Oh, and Wednesday. was suppose to go ice-skating but plan failed.
Wanted to watch movie instead but KAREN, bought tickets for a late night show.
Apparently she bought tickets at 11.20 P.M. instead of
We got shoo-ed out of the cinema. :(
At least we had a good laugh when we bullied Karen for not seeing the time properly.

Guess what, I'm watching Peter Pan from 2003. Jeremy Sumpter is LOVE.

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