Wednesday, October 19, 2011


hello love. it's been a while.    :)

I've been busy with so many things lately it's crazy.
Assignments are piling up sky high, and we're entering week 4 now. 6 more weeks to go.

I'm still thinking about you.
and if'd only you knew.
I thought about your life. And the stark difference it is from mine.
Always wondering what you've been up to, and most of all, if you were still writing again.
I guess this feeling never goes away. And there isn't much I would do about it.
Just think of the moments, of how every single detail would bring me back again.
So much hurt, yet an equal amount of happiness.

I will never forget you, but I do hope you forget me.
For I will remain nothing but a ghost to you.
A ghost in your heart. 

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