Sunday, August 14, 2011

housekeeping * WHEEEE *

worked for a good 13 solid hours yesterday, excluding the time I required to wake up, tie hair and make up.
and the jam in kl when I had to go home.
I swear it was one of the busiest days I've had in front office.
Had to settle limo arrivals, escourting chef wan to the meeting room.
And arranged the check in and amenities for the CEO of singapore airlines.
His secretary was so nice !

changing to a new department tomorrow !!!
am partly excited, and not excited at the same time. 
just the thought of meeting the housekeeping manager makes me cringe.  (in pain)

anyways, will be looking forward to japanese buffet dinner on saturday ! 
can't wait. 
new house is cleaned.
I guess renovations will start soon. 

may this internship end quickly and less painfully. 

in serious need of fixing my hair.   :(
it's starting to look like a mop. 

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